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Wrinkly face, glowing eyes, the word "Omega", it looks like Darkseid might be involved somehow...

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@KnightRise said:

Has anyone else seen this HUGE (apparent) spoiler? Seriously, I do not reccommend revealing hidden content

I saw twice on Facebook an image of beloved Daryl hanging by his throat....with his organs being reached at by Walkers..................I don't even......

But I'm not sure that its real, because Daryl wasn't wearing those clothes this episode although it could be latter this season...I'm scared

That picture that you uploaded is from the movie Pandorum, so we're all in the clear on that not being Daryl

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posts with great frequency
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Sarah Palin talking about politics
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@Deranged Midget said:
"I don't know about you, but this insane snowstorm we just had basically shut down my college for today and possibly tomorrow, so I'm somewhat thankful but also ticked cause I have a fever >:( "

That sucks about the fever, I just spent the last two weeks getting over a cold, another great thing about winter.  Where abouts are you located?  My college was closed too btw which was indeed nice but there was nothing to do and no where to go for the same reason that school was closed.
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I live in Buffalo and we've had snow on the ground since Dec 1st and now, like a good portion of the US, we are caught knee deep in the middle of another snow storm.  Argh, I can't wait to move some where warm.  I wonder what the weather is like at the comicvine office.
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I've always felt that TV is a great place for super hero/comic book material to end up.  If they put money into the show the way they did a show like 24 you would end up with great production values and actors.  They can build stories over an entire season and maybe every other season finale or just the series finale could be a feature film to pull out all the stops.
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It makes me wonder if the last page was a red herring or not.  I can't see that particular character filling that sort of "cosmic" role.  I can't wait to see how it all plays out though!
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@I'maDC/ImageGuy! said:
"Identity crisis and Blackest Night. I know I'm going to get flame for this. "

These two are it for me as well.  I had a chance to meet Brad Meltzer over the summer  but I missed it.  I'm not sure what book he was promoting but I wanted to go to that Barnes and Noble just to thank him for Identity Crisis.
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Hello, I'm new to having an account with ComicVine but I've been coming to the site for awhile.  I really like the site because instead of just posting news, Babs, G-Man and Tom all add a bit of their own take on whatever it is they are posting.  I also love the vast picture galleries, they are great for finding reference pictures for custom action figures and are the reason I found this website in the first place. 
Also, I have been collecting comics on and off for the last 20 years and now have 2 legal sized filing cabinets full of comics.  That's not quite a Flash Fact but I still think it's fun...
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