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It's NBC / Comcast. If its not some trash reality show or pulling in same viewership as said trash show. Then forget it. It's that simple. That group should have never been given the show in the first place. The NBC team do not care.

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Will Smith is such a bad choice for Deadshot, not just because of race (Though it is pretty stupid. I mean, if they wanted a black guy they could have gotten Black Spider or Black Manta. They didn't have to alter an existing character.). Smith is best when he's a fun, goofy guy. I don't see him pulling off a hardass assassin like Deadshot. I mean, we all know what happened the LAST time he tried to play a serious character.

Low blow, man. Low blow.

Knowing Will Smith, he will force DC to play his son in some role.

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DC just can't get prime movies right. Paying for premium actors when you don't even know the movie if going to by good or not is just silly. Plus they are bring heavy baggage to the set along with the drama. They need to just stick with animations.

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I am starting to wonder what kind of budget they have for each episode, it seems to me they are rushing and not developing characters good enough in this weird CW DC Universe. Also, why is Flash so damn slow in the show, is that another CW thing because they don't have a clue how fast he can run?

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Thank goodness it was not the CW group. Maybe another Time Warner group can do better.

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Sadly as much as Marvel wants to diversify it will not sell enough copies to keep it going.

Oh and why is her face totally covered? I don't know of any Asgardian that does that.

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The is lining up to be a over hero saturated movie because of Marvel envy....

DC / WB is desperate, so desperate they are pulling this stunt of a movie without even a back ground of the current Batman, WW or Aquaman and then Lex is being introduced also? Sure lets toss some more Heroes in the mix, why not. Come the hell on, this is going to be a slap in the face to the fans. How much crap do you really think they can toss into a 2 hour movie?

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The costume looks good, but (fill in blank here) with any anorexic model / wanna be actress does not. Just way to small.

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Check this video super tease out, what do you guys think of this craziness!?

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It's not going to sell. Just a stunt to grab media in my eyes and its done a good job. I am guessing Disney needs a powerful princess that can toss hammers.