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Best Article to read on gamergate

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@baneofdemon22: Let me fix that "shes the best addition to the Spiderman universe SINCE ARACELY's introduction in Scarlet Spider"

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I believe the reason is that some feel he's derailing classic characters in order to prop up his own. I believe this started with Superior where people feel the story was saying Otto is a better protagonist than Peter despite him having very little remorse for what he did as Doctor Octopus. Then there's the plot armor Otto had that was really jarring. the current reason is that people feel Peter is being made too look incompetent and Black Cat being made a villain in order to prop up Silk.

Shame we cant say this or we just get labeled haters without a good reason >_>
People don't hate on Slott because hes Slott...if that was the case this board would still just be full of people commenting "har har Dan Slutt"! Get over yourselves we can dislike something and have a valid reason like quoted above

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This stuff drives me nuts as a wrestling fan. not picking sides or anything here but for the love of god WWE doesnt need any promotional help. why not talk about local promotions? maybe open up the eyes of some wrestling fans to some local shows.

I'm sorry but this really does get to me, The WWE needs no help in promoting its shows via podcasts or columns . Support your local talent guys without them you wont have any wwe superstars

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lol its poochie!

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@camstevens80: speak for yourself because I do know many of us here continue to read Spiderman in other ways , I for one never had a chance to read 2099 hell now im jumping all aboard , or prior to superior someone might have been like me and read scarlet spider, you know the anti spider-man who uses more brutal methods.....sound familiar?

Superior is going stong into its run using pretty much the same formula AND SCARLET GETS CANCELLED NOT LONG AFTER. Gee ever wonder why sales for a anti spider might have dropped off around the time we got a 2nd anti spider?

if you cant see how obvious the sabatoge was going to be your just plain blind to it, no way could scarlet survive after being overshadowed by ASM 700 and the launch of superior. I ask you this did you pick up Scarlet Spider ? or were you one of the OMG Superior is teh Greatist thing EVERTZ

Seriously you Superior fans are the sad lot defending Dan Slott every chance you get

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@silverpool: I was saying this over and over again until blue in the face! the people around here continue to harp on the haters of superior and beg for a more vicious or different spiderman yet not a single one checked out scarlet prior to it being canceled. TY CV for the lack of support the book received while you continued to eat up the terd sandwich known as superior spiderman , THE MOST GIMMICK FILLED SPIDERMAN RUN OF ALL TIME

dan slott hot shot booking spiderman at its finest

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@punyparker: dont worry I still ain't diggin this whole Silk thing either, I mean we knew Ezikiel was a total d-bag of a person but cmonnnn.