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I had recently started play Bat-Man Arkham City when I watched the Undisputed movies, my thought right away was that Scott Adkins would make the best batman ever

Wish they could make some series about it, maybe covering some of the best classic stories, with lot's of focus on Bat's Martial talents the movies focus mostly on gadgets and bullet proof vests that don't let him move. Something with thin kevlar which allows movements and has a couple different layes for the stylish element.

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@theTimeStreamer: Those were the words I was trying to find inside my head, this costume is good looking, modern and seems functional enough, but it's to generic there are no identifiable elements, at least classic helmet should make a presence.

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I recently started working in an antique shop and I found some old "The Spectacular Spider-man" comics from October 1979, till April 1980.

It's a bunch of 19 consecutive numbers, each contains a coloured Spider-man cover and inside black and white comics from Spider-man, Fantastic 4, Iron Man, Thor and Daredevil.

I'll upload some pictures later, but I really wanted to know how much would it be worth to ask for this on ebay, or even if someone here wants to to buy them.


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Hey, I haven't really been able to read comics lately, one of my favourite chars is the Hulk, and I loved Planet Hulk, then I read World War Hulk and I haven't been able to keep up after that.

But I have read summaries from the books and transparently they killed that King Hulk personality and Hulk became a savage Hulk again.

So I want to know what happened?

Also what is your opinion on this? For me this King Hulk was the best ever, he started as savage, but he spent so much time without going back to Banner that his little childish green brain grew and developed a personality of it's own instead of being a the brute dumber than a new born Hulk. In this personality we could see the real Hulk, the way he kept outsmarting everyone allowed us to the that Joe Fixit was part of it, he came to terms with being Banner when he showed his true for to his new wife and this wasn't a new personality like Professor Hulk, this was the true Hulk personality, but it seems that the Hulk brain is reset to dumb when the retreats so they kinda killed it, don't you think we should have a long run with the Hulk as King Hulk (just his personality since he's not a king anymore).

Hope watch you answer to this one asap, but I know you don't really have much time and I respect it.


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So I was searching this guy and:

How ironic the founder of Hellfire club appears on 666 books!


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I think the movie is good, but most of us saying this aren't considering he bought the blue ray, that is expensive, the movie is good but not worth it, it's natural he feels scammed and hates the movie now.

Also every time you build huge hype about something it's gonna let you down. I thought it was gonna suck and ended up enjoying it.

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I think X-Men First Class and the other x-men movies are simply not related, I wouldn't say it's a reboot, since they may want to carry on both story lines.

This topic makes me remember when I saw the first x-men movie and hated it, simply because things didn't happen like that in the comics, then I decided to simply enjoy the movie as alternative marvel world.

Even comics don't make much sense sometimes for example sometimes wolverine is an enraged animal, other a tactical samurai, other he mixes both, different writers do with the chars what suits their story.

I think what we have a here is a movie to simply enjoy disregarding what happens next.

And the same should be done with Wolverine Origins, the other 3 are obviously linked and the second doesn't make much sense without the back story from the first and the third also needs to be backed up by the second.

That's my opinion, not sure if it's accurate, maybe they'll keep making new movies using First class as a starting point, but that doesn't seem cool, considering, Azazel is the father of Nightcrawler and Mystique ended as Magneto GF, means she's gonna cheat on him... doesn't seem like her in that movie, the comics version might do it...


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Is there a comic book adaptation of this movie?

Because I searched everywhere and couldn't find it.


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It's a cool site on it's beggining where you can pic your hero or villain from any comics universe, or even make your own chars. 
Check it out:

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