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I know this is just petty and all. but I used to LOVE Munn back in the g4 days...loved. I understand you need to do some small parts and crappy roles to get to the next step in Hollywood. But Munn made it so transparent and came off sleazy in doing so. She benefitted from being a hottie in the land of geeks were females in general were few and far between. So she leaned on her sex appeal with her fans until she got to be 'legit' and she hasn't looked back since.

I can't blame her for it, but I just don't like her as a result

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To me the art was what made this the best book of the bunch, I really missed Big Blue.

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Balls to that...who did the colors?!

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As a photography enthusiasts, I was a bit concerned about the first few shots ( Shout out to Todd Nauck lol) as it looked like it was taken on a cell and unedited, But it picked up and really made these guys look great. Props to those behind the lens and the ladies and gentlemen getting out there and having fun

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The Spider-Man looking shadow looks to be holding a gun.

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I like the review and agree with most of it. I was not a fan of the actor who plays the Detective in the first one and my thoughts have not changed much.

I think the moments of when Liv was not quite herself in the police station would have goon over much better with a actor who has a bit more screen presence...HOWEVER he is at his best when he drops lines like "50 Shades of Psychic"

If your a fan of the show, how could you NOT love the exchange between Liv and Blaine, great entrance. Love the connection they share, and how they both went about their changes into their new life

While I liked him....don't trust him at all, who kind of man does that to such a sweet ride?!

Here' hoping the small writing flaws that make things a bit unclear ( why did she take her hoodie off at the gallery?) the needless extras like her sister and former fiancé, and my hangup the casting of the good Detective

As long as the keep this behind The Flash and develop a good story I am certainly on board for the ride

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I am thinking will be the GOTG 'surprise hit' for DC

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I was unaware of the book before this, I was watching Flash and hoped this show was a nice follow up. And for the most part it was. I understand this is the pilot so some changes will be made with the new being iu hope they change out the actor who plays the Detective, he was really good dropping the snarky comments ( Cagney and Pasty for example) but he seemed out of place when he had to carry a scene.

I think this may be my new Buffy....maybe

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i totally agree they give to much away with their promo's but all of that emotion was wasted when you seen the scenes for the next episode.