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Without a doubt I am glad it is over!! I am just a bit sad it essentially ended so quickly. But I will like to see how Peter goes about picking up the pieces and moving forward.

Because lets face it, just as Ock saw good things in the original and improved, Peter should take the good of Ocks run and improve upon that and become a truly AMAZING Spider-Man

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@jonny_anonymous: That's what makes you made Bro, It's called a deadline and a shortcut. Get over it

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@farkam: Pretty Much sums up the book pretty well here. I am enjoying so far, the writing and of course the interior artwork is a breath of fresh air

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  1. I was screaming bloody murder when i seen the promos for the New Ghost Rider, but the first issue was pretty darn engaging and look forward to where this goes. But I hold this guy with the same regard I hold Sam as Nova, which is pretty low and temporary blip on the radar until the original returns...
  2. Really enjoying Mighty Avengers so far, this is one of the best Marvel Team line ups in sometime
  3. What is the deal with Avengers Assemble? Don't we as readers know who Hyperion is by now??
  4. I will pick up Iron Fist due to the fact I am a fan of the character, but aside from the cover, nothing has impressed me about this yet.

But if budget allows, I will pick up Nightcrawler, and Captain Marvel

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I apologize for not being able to finish this one, but I wanted to make it under the deadline..enjoy!

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hahaha who needs to be a ninja when you can slam into Military Vehicles in the snow lol

My goodness, did they splice them with Rhino's or Galapagos Tortoise's?

Overall, Nothing here that made me excited, in fact this really just killed any thoughts I had on wanting to see it.

But I have younger sons, so they may want to see it ( over my dead body, have to raise them right lol)

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Thanks my friend! I use PS CS5 and mostly use the soft and hard default brushes on different opacity and flow options here and there

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Hey gang, still alive and checking out the awesome work you guys are producing! Just seem to miss all the challenges by a few days, but I am looking to jump back into the groove shortly.

Here is some of the latest and greatest enjoy!

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Ok cool Identity Crisis comes to Marvel, I would like to see what happens when a subject like this hits MU. I.C was always praised for bringing a more dark, realistic story to the DCU, Throwing some mud on these larger then life characters

So in a place like Marvel who has always been the grittier and more realistic of the two worlds should be fun to read how trust and betrayal are handled with these characters

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I fully agree, Characters just out grow their code names over time. but for the most part, if you wear a mask, you have a code name. But if you dont have a mask, you get the "a.k.a." treatment