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Another amazing job by everyone. Some knocked it out of the park, like the Bepop and Rocksteady, or Magik (how did she walk?!) And yes, there are always a few who clearly did not have the fabricating ability, or budget and just did the best they could and had fun. I admire people who have that trait, and it is sad to see folks who do not try to bring them down to their level.

I love photos like these! Great Work everyone.

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This is one of those be careful what you wish for scenarios. I am a huge Richard Rider fan, I grew up reading his books as a kid. I was a bit sad to see him 'die' in the cancer verse strory, but it made sense for the story.

But to see Thanos, and Star Lord return out of the blue..

Then to follow that up with marvel trying to make a grab at a younger audience that saw Rich get wiped out to make way for Sam.

It just was a editorial issue that lead to a character I loved being erased, and his death no longer felt heroic but it felt like a giant shafting.

So I have been wanting a follow up story, or a return to arms for Richard. But with Bendis, who loves to confuse destruction of characters and their history for creativity I don't have the highest of hopes The Original Human Rocket will survive this tale.

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Bagley's still got it! Man, those guys look awesome. I wish they kept Jessica'a red and white suit though.

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This is one of those cases where the artist is has incredible talent, but drawing the wrong characters for their style.

The 2nd preview page is technically outstanding and detailed. The books, bricks, pipes, all of that is awesome and to pull that off for a monthly comic, I can forgive the blank expression and static pose for 4 panels when you give me a perspective of Giant Man a few pages later. HOWEVER...I don't think SHE-HULK is the right book for Pulido to be on. like someone mentioned Allred's work, who was perfect for MADMAN but would not be as good a fit for The Uncanny Avengers for example.

I think he is immensely talented but they need to make a switch on this book soon

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This was a hard challenge, the designs on the face paints are very difficult to pull off . Tried me best to blend my style with this cool look, nice challenge, Enjoy!

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I am not sure if Molotov is an Assassin but these two seemed like a fun pairing not to pass up. Enjoy!

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both were great stories and a lot of fun, but in different ways, I enjoyed Old Man Logan more, for it's alternate universe element. It was cool to see how things played out, From the final resting spot of Giant Man, the way the territories were divided and of course Daredevil and the Punisher, you had to read it again to get all the little details.

But EOTS was great as well seeing Wolverine going against some tough opponents and really enjoyed Romita's work too

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Based on past treatment of beloved Green Lantern Members, and Superman having been known to shatter planets in his publication doesn't look good for MOGO. I can't wait to see the final battle play out

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You know what...i was thumbs down on these two on this book, but then it hit me...when was the last time Wonder Woman was written by a woman? and had art the caliber of Finch despite how he draws his females?

so this is something I do want to check out after listening to this interview.

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i would never match his voice to his face in a million years. I would love to see a behind the scenes of a Titans rehearsal, they probably have the best time