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@scouterv: I am kind of mad it took me this long to get the Black Power Girl joke...maybe because its not really funny, but still it took me to long to get it. However there does need to be a character named Black Power Girl, somewhere, somehow

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@the_stegman: So..Is that her name Black Power Girl? Like Black Lightning, Black Panther? or or is DC trying to keep the Power Girl name in the New 52 universe somehow by giving the mantle to this girl?

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i never kept up with the previous Iron Man book. Is his long lost brother still around? if so I could see this being him stepping up and trying to stop Tony

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Ugh...Still feeling the burn from GOTG 18-20, so I am still seeing read when I see Bendis anywhere..but hotdog Art Adams art will surely but a smile back on my face, can't want to see his Hulk, or new Thor, I was always a fan of his growing up, so I will be looking forward to this for sure.

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I am enjoying Endgame, as it really isn't about Batman vs The Justice League, because we seen Batman jacked every member of the JL in the face at least once already, and some of the details of the battle were a bit to outlandish for even me to fully get was still a fun fight.

And every since Sam became Cap he has been getting his red goggles bashed in every issue lol. Yeah , how did he survive without a shield this long? lol

Thor has inserted a question I had about how she would be able to access her power, or when? and pretty much she is full power right out the gate. But I think this book's appeal for me will wear off once i find out who she is..something is missing for me to really like this book

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I love that Batman and Robin cover, I want that as a poster

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My word...Lila Cheney appearance, I have not seen her in awhile. And Dazzler wishes she was as cool as Lila. Just saying...

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I still don't get why The Family needs to consume Spiders People..? Why not Black Panther who by all accounts has a stronger tie to his animal totem then Spider-man does?

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As always the potential is there for a good story, despite the DC/MARVEL idea swapping complaints, who wouldn't want to see these different eras of heroes meeting?

Just depends on how far they take it, and of course who the creative team will be. But I have a bad taste from past 'Modern' remakes of Secret Wars, and Contest of Champions...something just seems to get lost in translation and they don't do justice to the originals...

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We can always find fault with anything that is being offered, but honestly You really can't get much better then this for a weekly show about the Flash.

It's seems they are trying to stay as close to source material as possible but sprinkle in their own touches when they can.

I normally get involved with the SCIFI original shows, but as a Longtime Flash fan I am very pleased with what they have started so far.