GETTING THE POINT: New Beginnings week 1

Greetings and Salutations fellow 'Viners!

Welcome to the first edition of what I hope becomes a useful tool for the more creative individuals of the Universe. Each week I will be presenting to you with a different perspectives on methods of drawing, how to improve as an artist and also to help motivate and encourage growth no matter what your 'talent' level is.

So some of you may have seen me in various forum debates, or heard a question or two answered by G-man, in his 'Ask and Ye Shall Receive' videos, but mostly I am know for participating in the various weekly Art Forum Challenges here on the Vine. ( see images below for examples of my earlier work.)

Comicvine Artist Showdown entry
Superman/God of War
Female Blue Devil

"Wow, Fuzzy, That is great you know how to hit the 'Submit" button a bunch of times" but what makes me an authority to write a blog on teaching how to draw. The answer is simple...I am not. In fact I will never claim to be immensely 'talented' or accomplished in my work.

But what I am is a 39 yr old, Black Male father of 3, born in Freehold,Nj, and as of 2 years ago, call Charlotte, NC my home. I have been reading comics since the 1980's and as most fans, did doodles and drawings of my favorite characters growing up. Was a decent athlete in my youth, and this served me well enough to enroll in Upsala College, in 1993, however due to budget issues the school closed in one year. And it was then I decided to take my meager skills I developed drawing in my bedroom various comics and took my portfolio to Brooklyn, Ny to the steps of Pratt Institute. I was accepted in the fall of 94, I dropped out the following year, but more on that at another time.

This is the extent of my career. Never been published, never worked as a intern at a comic company,never got paid to draw anything. EVER.

I am just like you guys out there, but I have over a decade of knowledge of being a 'self taught artist' I read books, took college course, and hundreds of You Tube videos all in the effort to learn and get better. And what I can provide is being a different voice to explain what basically everyone has already said. If you want to get better as an artist, you need to draw, or write, or sing or what ever your creative outlet my be. From Nike's "JUST DO IT", every sports cliche "Practice makes perfect" or even your mothers words of "Try,Try and Try again". The keys to success have been there the entire time, I will just show you which keys match which locks.

So I hope you will join me in this journey. The main goal is to provide and explain the tips and techniques used in art in a simple drama free way. I will start from the ground up, and try to cover the subjects that can help the most. For example we will focus on gestures, anatomy and sketching right out the gate, but I may briefly touch on how to sell your work later down the road.

New episodes will be released on Tuesdays with a lesson, and some homework which will be no more then some exercises beases on that weeks topic that can be submitted for me to review.

I am excited about this, this should be fun

See ya soon


p.s so for those who are still not convinced, or not sure I can help, check out the progression in my work. Still not 'perfect' but you can see the difference your hard work will yield in time.

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Posted by Shatterstar

Great idea, hope this catches on, if others find it useful/interesting we can keep these pinned each week.

Posted by BumpyBoo

Wonderful idea, so glad you did this mate *crazy applause* :)

Posted by Arinya

Great! I look forward to seeing more of your work and the progress.