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doom 2099 was actually pretty decent as well as Super villain team up (which is in essential format)

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The classic Giant-Man easily, The simple design is just perfect for Pym,

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Ya marvel didn't use any math and just put him at 50 tons at 100 feet, where that strength came from is unknown, using a math formula I came up with a formula of 111% increase to strength every 6 feet. Marvel stats make absolutely no sense, at 10 feet Pym can lift roughly 1000lbs according to the handbook, however he has been shown to do so in excess at that height. a more realistic number at 10 feet would be 5-10 tons, as Cap can lift 1000lbs, and Giant-Man has shown to be quite stronger than Cap.

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Giant-Man is strongest at 12 feet, after twelve his strength is lost so as to help support his body, I would almost say that 50 tons would be about right at 100 feet, at twelve he is near 100 class, probably more at 85-90 but pretty close, Ill get some images to try and show everyone why I feel that way. As far as Ultimate Giant-Man I do believe he is class 100, but once again Ill have to do some research to confirm.

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I can't believe I forgot about the Future Foundation... I feel like an idiot now, Much better choice for Lang on that team.

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Im a tad too late but hey I feel like joining the party. I have alot of favorite rosters but my number one has to be from issues 28-59.

Captain America



Scarlet Witch



I am a huge fan of Pym, and him as Goliath is still one of my favorite runs, Thor and Iron Man was apart of these team for a few issues. Hercules, Vision and Black Panther all joined the avengers, it also started the sub plot of Hank's fall. Personally I find it hard to find a better line-up for me, others may have differing opinions. If anyone is interested in reading this team I have set-up a reading order:

The Avengers 28 (MAY 1966)
The Avengers 29 (JUN 1966)
The Avengers 30 (JUL 1966)
The Avengers 31 (AUG 1966)
The Avengers 32 (SEP 1966)
The Avengers 33 (OCT 1966)
Tales of Suspense 84 (DEC 1966)
Amazing Spider-Man Annual 03 (1966)
The Avengers 34 (NOV 1966)
The Avengers 35 (DEC 1966)
The Avengers 36 (JAN 1967)
The Avengers 37 (FEB 1967)
The Avengers 38 (MAR 1967)
The Avengers 39 (APR 1967)
The Avengers 40 (MAY 1967)
The Avengers 41 (JUN 1967)
The Avengers 42 (JUL 1967)
Tales of Suspense 92 (AUG 1967)
The Avengers 43 (AUG 1968)
The Avengers 44 (SEP 1967)
The Avengers King-Size Special 01 (1967)
The Avengers 45 (OCT 1967)
The Avengers 46 (NOV 1967)
The Avengers 47 (DEC 1967)
The Avengers 48 (JAN 1968)
The Avengers 49 (FEB 1968)
The Avengers 50 (MAR 1968)
The Avengers 51 (APR 1968)
The Avengers 52 (MAY 1968)
The X-Men 45 (JUN 1968)
The Avengers 53 (JUN 1968)
The Avengers 54 (JUL 1968)
The Avengers 55 (AUG 1968)
The Avengers 56 (SEP 1968)
The Avengers King-Size Special 02 (1968)
The Avengers 57 (OCT 1968)
The Avengers 58 (NOV 1968)
The Avengers 59 (DEC 1968)
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Being a huge fan of Scott Lang, I would love to see him monthly, Scott would be great with a team. Though it wasn't anything to write home about I did enjoy his run as a member of the Fantastic Four from about 383-415.