Two series deserving of Ongoing

The comic industry can only continue if we have the next generation get into them, now with the Marvel films that is helping, but we need to have quality comics for children, those two should be Power Pack and Pet Avengers. Spin them off onto a cartoon series with 15 minute segments each and it would be golden.

Power Pack has had quite a few mini series over the years but I think they deserve a full monthly comic. Something to get them excited for each month.

The Pet Avengers also have been great, not only do my kids enjoy them but I do as well, coming up with an ongoing might be tougher for them and I would understand not doing an ongoing; however, making them a back-up feature to a monthly Power Pack would be great, anyone else wanting an ongoing of these great all ages titles?

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Posted by NuclearLife

I think Power Pack would be great for kids, maybe even Future Foundation, or just Franklin Richards, not so much Pet Avengers, mainly because how would you do it. But if you maybe did a variety show (30mins). Have maybe a 10 to 15 min Power Pack adventure, then maybe a FF adventure for 10 to 15, and them maybe a 5 minute Pet Avengers skit, kind of like what they did with the Teen Titans in DC Nation. And of course have cameos from the Fantastic Four, Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, and so on.