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Hopefully he'll come back full powered and unstoppable again.

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I liked this one much better because of it's faster pace. The first one felt too long, plus messing up Blackheart so bad.

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I'm not suprised. Nobody wants to see a female ghost rider. Hopefully the power goes back to Johnny or Danny.

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Well for one, Clint in the comics is the same height as Cap, and same kind of look. They cast a guy who looks like he got punched in the face too many times, and he comes up to Chris Evan's chin. Paul Walker would've been a better choice. He's got the look and the attitude. Fast and Furious movies are good examples of that. I'm not waiting to judge when the movie comes out. I've seen him plenty in the trailers, and it makes me mad because it almost ruins everything. I gotta go watch Iron Man, Thor, and Cap being accurately portrayed while trying to ignore the guy who looks like a generic shield agent hawkeye wannabe.

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Jeremy Renner? First of all, he looks nothing like Clint Barton, and second, he's too short. Hawkeye and Cap in the comics are about the same size. Chris Evans would've actually made a great Hawkeye, but since he's Cap already, they should've found somebody who resembles him in look and size, and the cocky attitude that Chris displayed in previous movies like F4. Also I hate the generic Shield costume he's wearing. He looks like a generic agent who happens to use a bow and arrow in this movie. Hawkeye is not Hawkeye without the mask and the circus background.

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I'd like to see the classic mask costume, but it doesn't matter since he's been miscast anyway.

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I hate it! it's generic. One of the things that makes Hawkeye is that classic mask and the costume that eludes to his circus background, not a stupid shield generic shield outfit. He just looks like a guy with arrows now.

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Only problem is that shrimp shield agent who looks like a Hawkeye wannabe. What a miscast. Why does everyone get casted right except Hawkeye? One of my fav characters gets shafted again. Just like Juggernaut, Bane, Venom, the list goes on. Evans is a good Cap, and has a good costume, he could've also played Hawkeye if he wasn't Cap. They should've casted someone like him and gave his costume the same treatment, not cast that shrimp and give him that generic shield garb.

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It looks great if you can ignore that generic shield agent shrimp who has no resemblance to Hawkeye at all. What a miscast, almost as bad as the shrimp playing Bane.

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One of the worst comic movie of the 21st century? Spiderman 3 was atrocious. Hulk was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen, it would take all day to name the list of comic movies Ghost Rider SOV is better than. Not even close. I just gotta problem with the villian being Blackout. That's Danny Ketch's enemy and they changed him up as well. But that's better than screwing up Blackheart, which the first one did, so that in my book puts this movie ahead of the first one. I also liked how Cage went insane, seemed to make sense to me. I liked the display of his powers. I liked the faster pace as well and it was only and hour and a half. The first one felt like a long two hours. I liked it better than the last two Batman movies as well. So what. I hate those movies even more because of the lovefest people go on about Nolan. I'm sick of his overhyped and overrated Batman movies. Batman '89 is still the best.