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@monsterstomp: He is Cozy_Da_Djed_Eye! He needs no one's approval to know when he has won!

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BEST ASM2 review... this guy actually knows what he's talking about. Finally... a critic review who actually loves this film to death...


I know this wasn't directed at me, but I agree with the review as well. Honestly, ASM2 is my favorite Spider-Man film thus far. I'll be honest and say I didn't really care much for the first movie (I didn't think it was bad or anything, but I didn't think it was all that great either) but this movie got me hooked into the ASM film franchise and I look forward to what they plan to do with the franchise in the future.

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I beat Azure Striker Gunvolt, but I seem to have gotten the bad ending. I apparently need to find all of these crystal items in each level for the good ending. Well, I did find a few but not all of them. In my second playthrough I'll be sure to get all of them. Also, I liked the game a lot. Even if Capcom never makes another Mega Man game again, I'm glad Inafune left so he and Inti Creates can still make games like this and Mighty No. 9 which still carry on the spirit of the Mega Man franchise on the inside.

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Anyone else seeing advertisements by Yahoo at the bottom?

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Lot of interesting fights this month. Hopefully, they'll be good enough that I can forget all about UFC 177. I didn't hate the event itself or anything - just all the stuff going on with Barao being forced out of it and everyone's reactions to it is really annoying. Though, it wasn't a great event either.

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I love how Renan Barao was one of the best pound-for-pound fighters and a huge prodigy who hadn't lost a fight in almost a decade, and then he loses ONE fight and suddenly he sucks, he's a chump, and a coward he ducked out of the rematch and he needs to go down in the rankings and to the back of the line before earning another title shot. I have no problem with him having to fight again to earn a title shot, but the way people are reacting is ridiculous. But hopefully he will rise again and beat the stuffing out of T.J. Dillashaw and become champion again... assuming no one else beats that douchebag jock first, which I think is very likely.

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My God, people can be really stupid sometimes, and they seem to pride themselves in it too. Just reading a lot of comments on Barao passing out and being forced out of the fight yesterday night at the last minute are just facepalm-worthy.

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Purple Face......

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TJ Dillashaw beat Joe Soto. That sucks. I was hoping that annoying douchebag jock would get knocked out in his own hometown. Oh well. He won't be champ for long, and I look forward to that moment when it happens.

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