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Black Panther #1 *with spoilers* 0

John Hickman revives what is possibly the best thing to come out of Brian Micheal Bendis' Avengers run; the illuminati. As the opening recap page reminds us it was a team consisting of Marvel's brightest characters to run the world in secret, only one person declined the information; Black Panther.Having not had much experience with the character, I found this using informative in the way that it expresses just how much of a badass King T'challa is. The issues revolves around three Wakandian sci...

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Brubaker passes on the shield 0

Eight years, it's been eight years since Ed Brubaker came aboard Captain America and blew our socks off with "Winter Soldier" (a character who's gone and to star in is own book and who is set to feature in Cap's next big movie) and now the time has come for him to leave and he invites fellow writer Cullen Bunn to help see him off in this last arc.Despite being a fan of Brubaker (and a huge fan of Captain America) his latest volume of Cap has failed to capture the flair that made his run so speci...

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When the rot is involved there are always monsters 0

Wanting to learn more about her role in the war of the rot Maxine asks Socks about the history of the red and the green. Socks recounts the tale of Jacob Mullin and Jack crow to her; the animal man and swamp thing of the 1800s.Animal Man and Swamp Thing have been my top two books of the new 52 initiative, so to see the characters team up for a giant one-shot story was a great treat for me (even if it's technically not the proper characters from the respective series). Framing the story as being ...

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Get the 411! *some spoilers* 0

Nelson Jent is not a happy man, he's out of the job, out of shape and out of luck. His only friend Darren is worried about him as he's just suffered a heart attack and has lost interest in the world around him. After leaving Nelson's flat Darren is roughed up by some thugs working for a gang called X.N. Rushing to apologies Nelson runs into the thugs and swiftly gets taken down due to his physical state. He runs into a derelict phone booth and that's when the true adventure begins...This issue i...

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Fun for new guardians fans 0

And so we come to Jamie's first encounter with another DC super-hero, and the meeting doesn't exactly go as planned. The issue opens with the scarab attacking Kyle, Bleez and Gloomy when a bounty hunter sent by the guardians shots Kyle depleting the power in his ring. Jamie thinks fast and manages to get Kyle's battery to him. They manage to take down the bounty hunter and give him over to the proper authorities. Kyle returns to tell Jamie a thing or to about being a hero before taking off to de...

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