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A great list which I enjoyed reading, I especially agree on the last point; I remember before properly buying DC monthly I was reading Blackest Night in hardback and saw all the supernatural characters and thought "Man I'd love to know where I can read about these characters" so I greatly appreciate books like Animal Man, Swamp thing and even I, Vampire (which completely surprised me!). Looking forward to the failures list, you had me at Liefield :L

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I'm loving this new flash series! The upcoming stuff sounds really awesome, though don't like the idea of Manapul taking a break but as long as he's back for the reverse flash arc. Manapul and Buccaleto are really crafting a great run on the flash.

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now that I've started earning some money I can finally pick up some image comics I also want to try but miss the boat on :D Bedlam has grabbed my interest from the list, will definitely pick it up.

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This series kinda seems like Lost in Space meets Doctor Who. Very excited for it, Fraction is a terrific writer, especially on a book filled with crazy ideas like this (FF especially) so I'm really looking forward to his run.

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@Dernman said:

Seeing as how they pretty much said Ant-Man will be Scott-Lang's story to steal an Ant-Man I doubt it.

well what if they put Hank in avengers 2, then in ant=man he's already an established character so they can spend their time on Scot Lang? would allow for Edgar Wright to have his own comedic take on the series while we can have an entirely different Ant-Man in the avengers.

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I see one of either two options:

1) It's a time places Miguel O'Hara, Peter switches places with him in the future so peter spends a year living in the future, seeing what happens to the world when someone else becomes spider-man (destroying his image, dead villains etc.) Then they'll switch back and peter will have to redeem his image or whatever all before the new movie comes out.


2) it's a misleading piece of information; Peter will still be Spidey however something will happen were he'll be horribly mutated beyond recognition by either Doc Ock turning him into a "man-spider" or he'll get bitten and transformed by morbius. Either way he'll have to abandon being Peter Parker and dedicates his life to being spider-man, therefore there is no Peter Parker, only the new superior spider-man

I don't think it will/should be a 616 Miles Morales, I love the ultimate version of the character, but I feel it would take something special about the character away, and just seem desperate on marvel's part.

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I am a little annoyed at the whole "dark spidey" direction, as I'm really now a fan of dark super-heroes (especially spider-man as a dark hero) but then I remember that:

@k4tzm4n said:

Slott + Stegman =

so I'm sticking with the book. Slott has had the best run on the character in a long time so I'm really excited to see where he goes next.

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@Sirfox89 said:

@MrArrogant: BleedingCool reported that Morrison announced at MorrisonCon that his run was extended to issue #17.

didn't catch that, thanks. Hopefully it will give him more room to wrap up all his plot points.

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wait.. then who's going to be doing issue 17? happy about the new creative team though.

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@danhimself said:

dislike for Slott on Spider-man????????? single best Spider-man run in decades