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I absolutely love the run. I was never a WW fan, and picked it up due to the strength of the art. I have always been a fan however, of Greek mythology, so it was really awesome to see these clever ideas and turned out to be exactly the sort of comic I wanted to read about. Currently feels like one of the only "fun and light" DC books have going for it. If more DC books were like this Id start buying more DC books again. (fun marvel books like dardevil, FF and hawekeye have lead to me dropping a lot of DC)

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didn't Kevin Conroy let slip in an interview that he'd recorded his part for a flashpoint movie? Wouldn't be surprised to see that as an animated film followed by the likes of Justice League new 52 Origin etc. during the gap between Man of Steel and the Justice League movie.

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I heard somewhere they were expressing interest in adapting Planet Hulk into a movie. It could make sense, they could have Thanos transport him into space or something during Avengers too, plus it'd be a fun "hulk smash" movie with interesting characters, but then we probably wouldn't get Mark which would be a downer.

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I'm very excited for it; Dan Slott has proven himself a great spider-man writer, and I always like when a book shake things up. Plus with Stegman and Ramos on art duties you can't really go wrong.

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@MadeinBangladesh said:

I picked up #1. Art is spot on. But won't be picking it up anymore. The roster is too big and I barely know most of the characters. Im new to comics so I don't like reading about unknown characters. And it comes out every 2 weeks and 3.99. It's not worth it.

You should check out Avengers Assemble, it's a monthly and features the movie cast so it's new reader friendly. Start at issue 9, the awesome Kelly Sue Deconnick takes over writing duties and the always great Stefano Casseli does art.

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@Teerack said:

@Brazen_Intellect: Yeah but sense they just brought back Scott Lang as Ant-Man and if you compare Scott's older Ant-Man suit to the test footage from the Ant-Man movie; it makes me feel like they'e just killing Hank to get him out of the way, so they can shove Lang down our throat and cut Hank Pym out of the Marvel Movieverse :(

they should put hank pym in avengers 2 (played by nathan fillion) as a tech character in shield, who reluctantly puts on a costume toward the end of the film to help in the inevitable final battle; they should then put Scott Lang in the solo film (played by Neil Patrick Harris) as that film is said to be more of a comedy, which could be funny seeing as it's being done by Edgar Wright. Plus he said he wants to base it off "to steal an ant-man" so it's likely Scott Lang will be in Ant-Man

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@Teerack: I think that's a flashback to when his powers where removed in #694

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Oh man I'm so excited for this. Hope the point one isn't necessary though as I have no cash to grab it :(

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Only If Nathan Fillion plays Ant-Man (Hank Pym, Neil Patrick Harris can play Scott Lang in Edgar Wright's Ant-man) and Felicia Day plays the wasp.

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Should have had the best typo in a book, can't remember the exact quote, but in Justice League #14 Black Adam says Dr. Sivana can't use magic "sfely". I was stunned no one caught it. It's like the fourth spelling error I've seen in a DC book in the last few months.