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I saw the teaser with Thanos' face and just groaned, then I scrolled and saw Hickman's name and almost backflipped with joy. Hickman is able to pull off big events and make them feel properly epic, like an event should. His FF run (especially forever) really felt like an event book, while being just a self contained story, so an official Johnathan Hickman penned cosmic event is probably the best thing I've heard in a while. I'm very heavily event fatigued, but this has convinced me to give marvel one last chance.

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Adam Kubert didn't do the Avengers cover, it was Dustin Weaver as usual.

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Well I love fighting games and I REALLY love DC so this is definitely a day one purchase for me. The only problem is the costumes are ATROCIOUS! They're far too bulky and just look very blech. Here's hoping for some more classic looking alternate costumes.

EDIT: anyone else notice that Hal is wearing a yellow ring at 1:36? That's definitely the sinestro corps emblem on his chest.

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Definitely picking up:

Batman Inc.




and Green Lantern Corps annual. Will pick up hawkeye in a lighter week as it's a pretty full week with the annual.

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Mark Waid's new Hulk book is a PERFECT place to start reading, a really fun book. Planet Hulk by Greg Pak is brilliant too (and actually where I started reading Hulk)

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It depends what kind of books you feel like reading; if you like classic super hero action I'd recommend picking up Kurt Busiek Avengers books. You can pick them up for about 30 bucks each from a comic story (I got mine on holiday in New York!) and it chock full of everything you could want it terms of good old fashioned super heroics. It can feel a little bit dated though so be wary of that.

Another accessible point is all the Bendis Avengers stuff; the guy gets a lot of flack but I think he's a great writer and did some really great stuff during his 8 year run. He was also pretty much in control of the marvel universe during this time, so it spins off into a lot of great marvel universe stories as well, so you get a lot of that history you're looking for.

Picking up the Bendis stuff can be pretty tricky, but this list ought to help you find your way through the books, with good starting points and what books to get next if you like what you're reading:

Hope you have the budget for these books! And it's good to have a new reader in the fold!

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Hello all, just a quick question; I'm a massive GL fan, but have been out of the loop with the rise of the third army stuff outside of the main Green Lantern title. I'm part of a joint pull list with two other people, but one dropped out, meaning I haven't been able to read recent issues of Corps and New Guardians. While at my LCS this week I picked up the latest issue of corps as I heard it carried on from the latest Green Lantern; so would anyone be able to bring me up to speed with the events of issues 13-15? I plan to pick them up eventually from the back issue section but would just like a quick recap since DC are against them for some reason. I'd be much obliged thanks!

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Astonishing has a committed following...although it's one of the one's I'm following and liking, I think it may well be Arena. Hoping All-New sticks around for a while!

Yeah, I saw the controversy around Avengers Arena, although that's pretty new, so it might stick around for awhile, unless the story lines really upsets the fans.

I like that it's upsetting fans. It's good to see Marvel growing some balls and getting permanent with some of their darlings; even if they're relatively new, un-rooted ones. It's actually really refreshing to read.

Exactly!! Fans demand far too much of the companies, as if they're the ones who own the franchises. I loved the superior spiderman video Dan Slott did, were they read hurtful letters then laughed at them. People actually got pissed but I just laughed. Fanboys are pathetic, it's great when companies shake things up and don't just let things remain stagment all because some people have been "reading every marvel book for thirty years" ¬_¬

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I'll probably pick this one up in trade along with JLD. Don't want to miss another Lemire series but already added his Green Arrow to my already big pull list and I can wait to read this.

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I liked Dial H's cover this week, a good representation of the villain's powers. Then again Brian Bolland has been knocking the Dial H covers out of the park.