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MORE FEMALES!!! seriously we need to be a bit more diverse, I say Ms. Marvel, Wasp and Scarlet witch would be good additions, Wasp isn't too far a stretch what with the ant-man film and all. Maybe even white tiger rather than black panther (though he'd be cool too) or even Nova if they're gonna go more cosmic.

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If I, vampire gets cancelled I would literally cry, it's in my top 3 books of the reboot! The other choices I wouldn't mind see go as they're either unnecessary (like the dark knight) or really mediocre (catwoman) personally I think they need to take the chopping block to some of the bat books, especially red hood. I also think that the 3 Liefield books will go, look what happened to the last one he was on.

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Thank you very much, I was wondering seeing as the have the solicits out.

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It's probably a reference to the fact that the watchmen characters were based off charlton characters purchased by DC comics, the dan garrett blue beetle was a charlton character. Great find!

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Hi everyone, I've heard a rumor floating around that the new 52 series of blue beetle has been cancelled but can't find anything to confirm it. Apparently anyone who has a subscription received a letter saying DC would cease publication after issue 10 of the series. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me please? I've really been enjoying the series and don't want it to end when things are starting to get good :( thanks in advance.

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I know the first issue is a double sized issue but I'd like it if all issues were 3.99, if the main story was about the JSA and then the back up could be focused on the lesser know character changes or focus on the new characters individual origins, it'd really expand the world and make the comic that much greater

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Really looking forward to this arc, I wish Caselli was the permanent spidey artist