Inspired by DC Comics Justice League (pre-New 52) and Marvels Illuminati comic, here is a compiled list of Black characters that directly mirror the "Magnificent Seven" or Big 7 JLA. What would happen if DC's most powerful Black characters gathered together to make secret power moves (hence the reason for the Marvel influence) without the approval of other heroes such as the Justice League? Who would be the power movers and shakers? This is a team I've nick named "Justice & Affirmative Action" or JAA (pronounced J Double A). The team itself has never publicly acknowledge the meaning and origin of the acronym, thus sparking debates from the media of what it could mean (example: "Just us African Americans" etc.). Here they are: 1-7 actual team (8 - etc. is a rotating reserve roster).

[Editors note of purpose:

  1. Establish a strong sense of cultural pride within the fictional communities represented. These communities become inspired by the "colorful" heroes of the organization. From the Black or African American, to the Hispanic or Latino, to the Asian and Islanders... and beyond!
  2. A satire that shows various stereotypes, misuses and mishandling, and the lack of strong Black leads in mainstream titles throughout the comic mediums history. Example: Black characters displaying the ability to use electricity of some kind. Or the killing of various ethic characters throughout history. R.I.P., Ryan Choi.
  3. Making the book a meta reference for what goes on behind the scenes in real life is definitely key. Example: The handling of Dwayne McDuffie.
  4. At first they meet for the culture, then they get together because a threat "wipes out" the League.]

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