DC vs. Marvel (again! or "Back for the First Time")

Neither universe remembering the first epic confrontation, the two "brother" universe entities have returned to have another tournament. Only this time it's simply to settle the age old questions plaguing them both: DC vs. Marvel, who wins? They pit two beings against one another based on similarities... whether they're dead or alive! Only the most popular and iconic were matched off of each other. (Example: Characters like Superman, Superboy, Wolverine and Punisher are iconic and popular so they get characters to match up off of them.) Each individual is transported to a particular setting so they can unleash all their might. Who will win this no holds barred fight to the finish?! (*list is always under construction/unfinished*... Check back frequently. I take suggestions. I'll give you credit if I like it.)

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I think northstar works better against wally than 3D man, at least imo, then 3D man can fight Mr. Terrific

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I also say Tigra or Feral vs Vixen and Mimic vs Animal Man

Posted by Vincent_Valjean

I would suggest Lex Luthor vs The Kingpin,Red Skull vs Black Mask,Ra's Al Ghul vs Mandarin,Vandal Savage vs Doctor Doom,Captain America vs The Guardian(clone),Mystique vs Metamorpho,Sandman vs Clayface,Bane vs Tyrone Cash(the first Hulk).

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I agree with most of this.

But why not Spider-man vs Superman and/or Batman? There equals in my book.

It also brings me to Wolverine vs Superman and/or Batman.

Everything else spot on.

I think X23 vs Damian Wayne is appropriate.