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this is a close one but i think wade is gonna take the win, remember this is a guy who has gone toe to toe with wolverine and was still able to hold his own and i would say One Wolvie is worth 4 turtles or more, the turtles may be able to swarm him or get some good shots in but wade will still scrape through about 7/10 times

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Nightwing Hands down

1. One of the DCu's finest hand to hand fighters

2.Trained by batman so he's A tactical genius

3. Impeccable ability to read body language (Would pick up on DD's blindness and abilities very quickly)

4.Amazing acrobatic skills

5.Gadgets out the Wazoo

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@brezej: Thunderbolts is a good fun read though the plot is a little muddled and the first artist Steve Dillon is not great for this book Daniel Way does a great job with the characters and the new artist Phil Noto is awesome check it out.

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i am shocked and saddened at the lack of love for "Revival" that book has been downright amazing one of my favorite pulls, is anyone else reading and loving it? or am i the only one

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@brezej: i don't know what you read but i'm having lots of fun with Young Avengers and Fearless Defenders, thunderbolts is pretty good too, sorry if you already pick these up but they're my suggestions