The Psycho Circus

The Dark Carnival Is In Town
You Better Be Ready
Just Follow The Parade
Of Dancing Skeletons
Full Of Ghoulish Delights
Around Every Corner
Don't Tell Your Parents You're Here
They Will Soon Be Mourners

Welcome To The Lower Birth
The Greatest Show Unearthed
We Appear Without A Sound
The Darkest Show Around
We Will Leave You In A Daze
Madness, Murder, Dismay
We Will Disappear At Night
With Blood On The Concrete

I Will Be Your Ticket Taker
Come Inside It's A Dream
Enter The Fun House Of Mirrors
No One Can Hear You Scream
We Can Supply Anything
That Your Heart Desires
But The Consequences
Will Surely Be Dire

Come Inside
For The Ride
Your Deepest Darkest Fears

The Best Night
Of Your Life
You're Never Leaving Here

The Unknown
The Unseen
Is What You're Gonna Find

Witness This
Witness That
Until You Lose Your Mind    

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Posted by Silkcuts

Love it!

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

You forgot JuggalODOK 

Posted by Mr.Q
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: Jesus. Christ. 
@Silkcuts: glad to hear it.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir


Posted by Mr.Q
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: how is that funny? I was eating. guh.
Posted by arrowfan237

Posted by Mr.Q
@arrowfan237: yeah. Halloween does that to me sometimes.
Posted by Ultimate JSA

what about thing or girder
Posted by Mr.Q
@Ultimate JSA: Mr. Grim? little too much like Mr. Grundy. not  familiar with the other one. I'll look into it.
Posted by Ultimate JSA
girder was a steel worker who was pushed into a vat of molten steel at star labs branch in central city now  he is made of pure steel and may be rusting slowly away here is a pic 

oh another idea tar pit he could astral project himself out of his body but his astral self got stuck in tar her is a pic 
Posted by Mr.Q
@Ultimate JSA: girder runs the same way as Mr. Grim. Tar Pit may as well. I'll consider it though. may fit the side show. 
Posted by Ultimate JSA
what about hellboy
Posted by Mr.Q
@Ultimate JSA: I use him too much... but what the Hell. 
by the way wasn't there a mutant in marvel with 3 faces or something? because I think he could have a home here.
Edited by Ultimate JSA
i don't think so but their is a sinestro corps member that has three heads his name is maash
Posted by Mr.Q
@Ultimate JSA: I know I saw that three faced sucker on this site. I'll find him. thanks though.
Posted by Brit


Posted by Mr.Q
@Brit: you like? I'll direct you to Karnevil for a ticket if you like.
Posted by Brit

i love it! get me a ticket :D

Posted by Mr.Q
@Brit: see Karnevil for ticket information.
Posted by MrUnknown

Awesome Arcade would totally be in charge of this XD

Posted by Mr.Q
@MrUnknown: seemed appropriate.
Posted by X_Woman

Wasn't Dick Grayson an acrobat?

Posted by Mr.Q
@X_Woman: yes he was, but he is far too sane and "normal" for this motley crew.