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I always did enjoy a good read...

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Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.    
Posted by Mr.Q
@arrowfan237: would you like a card.
Posted by Silkcuts

I creates a Lucien's library page, I know its not a book, but he has "books" in there that are exclusive.

Posted by Mr.Q
@Silkcuts: I'll take a look cuts.
Posted by Aria_belle

I feel like there should be more books! I love books too :)
Posted by Mr.Q
@Aria_belle said:
" I feel like there should be more books! I love books too :) "
oddly. they were hard to find here. I know there have been some books seen and mentioned in comics but so hard to find. I was hoping to add Rorschach's journal to the list but couldn't fond a page for it. his mask has a page. his flame thrower has one even if it is just a can of hair spry and some matches. but no journal. I'll keep looking though. glad you like the Library. would you like a card?
Posted by Aria_belle

Doesn't everyone need a library card? 
And why don't you make Rorschach's journal and then you can add it ^^
Posted by Mr.Q
in this day and age with everything online not to many people go to the Library I'm afraid. but your enthusiasm is infectious though.  
as for the journal I'll see what I can do. I have yet to really do anything on the editing side of things since joining the site and my info on the subject matter is sparse at best. but I'll see what I can scrounge up. thanks for your support though.
Posted by kuonphobos

I really enjoy your lists. Finding them has finally pushed me over the edge to creating my own page. For this list may I recommend the Scroll of Thoth (has a page) and the Scrolls of Skelos (from Savage Sword of Conan) which would have to be created. I would be happy to do so if you have interest.

Posted by Mr.Q
@kuonphobos: thank you. hmm... I'll give it a look.
Posted by X_Woman

Nice to see there's still some things you can't get on Kindle.

Posted by Mr.Q
@X_Woman: yet.
Posted by Betatesthighlander1

Should Destiny's book be on this list?

Posted by Mr.Q
@Betatesthighlander1: does it have a page? then yes it will be.
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@mr_q: Hey i appreciate this page :)

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