The Fletcher Memorial Home for the Mentally Ill

Everyone needs help every now and then. Some of us more than others. Can they be reached? We shall see... 

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What about Jean Loring?
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@arrowfan237: I'll check the case file.
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Great list.  I'm glad you added Jean

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@Liberty: I do what I can. thanks for the support.
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Love this list but I disagree on Light! XD

Posted by Mr.Q
@MrUnknown: a big part of the story, especially towards the end, was his decent into madness. compare him when he lost his memory to the later chapters and it becomes obvious he was rapidly losing his mind. 
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@Mr.Q: Are you sure though? What makes you say he wasn't mad to begin with. He did kill Penber and his wife really early on.
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@MrUnknown: that was probably where it began. the point being that the Death Note or the "negative influence" was what caused it. during the arc where his memory was reset we got to see what he could have been with out it. if you really think about it all of the humans with Death Notes went a little or a lot of the deep end most notably Light and Misa. 
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I still don't see it. Why did he pick up the book and test it? By the time Ryuk came to retrieve the book, he already had pages upon pages filled. I don't really think he needed any influence. I get what you're saying about his memory being reset, but wasn't that all part of his scheme?

Posted by Mr.Q
@MrUnknown: keep in mind he picked it up because it was a book on the ground. someone could have dropped it. when he read it he thought it was some dumb joke and so on a lark he tried it on some jackass harassing some girl, not thinking anything would come of it. he tried it again on the bank robber to prove to himself it was sheer happenstance. it was not. then he went Frank Castle. he wanted to punish the wicked. a little off the wall but not that out there. yes he made that crack about being "God of the new world" but that could have been him getting caught in the moment. as things went on he started believing his own hype. he even had a worshipper in Misa. yes it was all part of his plan but he still acted the opposite of 'kira'. he even said as much before hand that if he himself wasn't kira then he would be working to bring kira down. which he did. then his memory came back and he went even further off the deep end. Light was not an angel by any stretch of the imagination but he was a good guy who wanted the best for the world and his family. he even said once in the beginning he wanted to make a better world for his little sister. he may have been capable of most if not all of the things he did from the get go, but it was the Death Note that sent him on the road not taken. if light didn't find the book and someone else did, I'm confident that the series would look more like the memory arc. would Misa have turned out the same without the book? if anything the book 'unleashes the beast' as it were. but to each their own.
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remember Anderson,Heinkel,Major,and the others they have problems too.

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@Toxin45: that they do.
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Great list! I wonder if the Joker hasn't... progressed in his madness: JOKER, INC.

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@Cervantes: the only thing that's for sure, is that nothing is for sure.
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@The Poet: but all to real...
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@GR2Blackout: ... I'll begin the files. in due time. in due time.
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what about Norman Osborn

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@ruler: books could be written.
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Daken, Bullseye, and Mister X are definitely certifiable pyschopaths

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@bsmith1190: I'll see to their files...
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Would these two be good patients:

Hannibal Lecter(


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@radiostar_: define "good" patients. some are already to far gone.