Niccolo Machiavelli's Finest Students.

They feed on fear
They feed on pain
They rule again
With growing hate
They will guide
Their faith again

No light in the darkness
Is too small to see
There's always a sparkle of hope
If you just believe

Deceiver of hearts
Deceiver of fools
They rule with fear
Deceiver of hopes
Deceiver of fools
They rule again

They feed on fear
Poison the truth
To gain their faith
To lead the way
To a world of decay     
Master mindbenders. Machiavellian Master Minds. Manipulative Mad Men.

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Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.    
Posted by Mr.Q
@arrowfan237: I always did like a good mind game.
Posted by Liberty

Good List.  How about Vandal Savage?  He would be perfect.

Posted by Mr.Q
@Liberty: yes... yes he would. consider it done.
Posted by eldestrisk

A list with both Gendo and Ozymandias is a list I support. =)

Posted by Mr.Q
@eldestrisk: good to know. but one must wonder. did you really support it or did they 'help' you make that 'decision'?
Posted by eldestrisk

I really do support it. I had read "The Prince". So I think I know were your idea is heading.

Posted by Mr.Q
we shall see....
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I'm pleased to see Xanatos on here

Posted by Mr.Q
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: Lex Luthor meets Tony Stark. I miss the 90's
Posted by jrock85

Sometimes I think Machiavelli gets a bum wrap by historians.

Posted by infonation

@jrock85: Why?

Posted by Mr.Q
@jrock85: most likely. this was really just brought on by that test I took.
Posted by Enemybird

L should be higher than Batman

Posted by Mr.Q
@Enemybird: debatable. but this isn't a contest.