Lords of War

Glory And Fame Blood Is Our Name
Souls Full Of Thunder, Hearts Of Steel
Killers Of Men, A Warrior's Friend
Sworn To Avenge Our Fallen Brothers

Sons Of The Gods Today We Shall Die
Open Valhalla's Door
Let The Battle Begin
With Swords In The Wind
Hail Gods Of War    

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Posted by Silkcuts
Posted by Mr.Q
@Silkcuts said:
" shouldn't Lucifer and Mazikeen be on the list?  Just asking ;)Good list as well. "
I''m not sure. are they gods of war or career soldier? if they fit that description than I will add them. I stuck with people that are closely affiliated with war. I look into it. thanks for your comment though cuts.
Posted by MrUnknown

What about Stark? He made all those weapons ;/

Posted by Mr.Q
@MrUnknown: true. he made the weapons but he didn't use them. the idea was more about people who fought in wars. where war is if not the major theme then a major theme in their lives. Tony makes weapons of war but is not a warrior. I thought of that one a while.
Posted by MrUnknown
@Mr.Q: Cool I was interested to see what your opinion on that subject would be. Another candidate I would like to mention is the BlackHawks.
Posted by Mr.Q
@MrUnknown: hmm... maybe. I'll give it a look.
Posted by MrUnknown

Awesome I was helpful :>

Posted by Mr.Q
@MrUnknown: that you were.