League of Losers.

 I was always on the outside feeling like I don't belong
Watching all the happy people
Hey, did I do something wrong?
Did I do something wrong?

Someone has to be the victim, someone's got to eat alone
And maybe, that's a four-eyed Jesus coming from a broken home
Go on and throw your stones

So, here's to the losers in the crowd
Our tears will always be around
Help turn this kingdom upside down
Hey, hey, hey, I was always one of the losers
Hey, hey, hey, don't you think that Jesus loves us?
This gospel sounds like good news to all of us losers

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Posted by arrowfan237

Kick Ass, Killer Moth, and Kid Devil rock. Oh yeah what about flatman.

Posted by Mr.Q
@arrowfan237: will have to check him out. the criteria is the character has to be thought off as losers either in universe or out but still pull off at least one amazing feat. in one canon or another.
Posted by infonation

@Mr.Q: Oh! I get it now, so these characters aren't REALLY bad, people just tend to ASSUME they are?

Posted by Mr.Q
@infonation: correct.