Items of interest. Could they be used to save it all? Could they be used to END it? We shall see...

List items

Posted by Zeraphyne

Cool list, but maybe you should organize it a little more (Lantern Rings together, this kinda stuff)

Posted by Zeraphyne

Already got something too add. Thunderstrike's hammer of the same name and Beta Ray Bill's Stormbreaker (thought, since you had Mjolnir, you wanted the others too, hehe). What about Captain Britain's Sword of Might and the Amulet of Right?

Posted by Mr.Q
@Zeraphyne: Good eye Zera. Good eye. Keep it open.
Posted by Zeraphyne

Got even more, all items of Doc Strange
Cloak of Levitation, Darkhold tome, Wand of Watoomb
More to come, I´m sure ;)

Posted by Mr.Q
@Zeraphyne: We'll see what I can do.
Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.
Posted by Mr.Q
@arrowfan237: cliched as it is I'm glad you liked it.
Posted by Miltos


Posted by Mr.Q
@Miltos: a bit cliched yes. but I'm glad you liked it. thanks for your comment.
Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

What makes u put the Blue Power Ring so the rings should prob b 2gether

Posted by Mr.Q
@Emerald_General_Jai: it was the first one to come to mind.

All 9 of the lantern corp rings should be merged into one page.
Same even for the Norse god-hammer weapons.

Posted by Mr.Q
@COBRAMORPH: .... noted.
Posted by Citizen_Icon

Nice list. Thought of a few items I didn't see on here. The Wrecker's crowbar, Darkhawks amulet, The Blue Beetle Scarab, Starmans Staff, Aegis breastplate, Thunderstrike, Stormbreaker, The Bloodaxe just to name the ones that came to mind.
Posted by Mr.Q
@Citizen_Icon: I'll look into it.
Posted by crowncoke

Nice list! 
Posted by Mr.Q
@crowncoke: thanks for looking out.
Posted by CombatSpoon86

great artifacts

Posted by Mr.Q
@CombatSpoon86: thanks. thought so too.
Posted by MrUnknown

Great extensive list!

Posted by Mr.Q
@MrUnknown: I kind of hit a groove. 
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This is an awesome list. Might i suggest the Colt?

Posted by Mr.Q
@wildvine: thank you. the what?
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Posted by Mr.Q
@tmacximas: I'll look into it. thanks.
Posted by Eclipse-32

interesting list

Posted by Mr.Q
@Eclipse-32: thanks.
Posted by X_Woman

I think I saw some of these things in the Sharper Image catalogue.

Posted by Mr.Q
@X_Woman: I found most of them at Staples oddly enough.