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@veitha said:

@god_spawn: yeah, I didn't truly appreciate him during WaTXM, but I started to love his style in Uncanny. Let's just wait and see, but I'm pretty sure that he'll come back after Anka's Original Sin issues and he will work alongside him.

I feel the same. I really enjoy Bachelo's style for Uncanny. But I suppose he needs a break just like Immonen gets one ever so often from All New X-men.

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Oh nanotech sentinel infection... I've missed you since Grant Morrison did it in 2001.

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I'm glad to see so much love for the Cuckoos.

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Looking forward to this.

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Like Battle of the Atom, it's an irrelevant story. It's not very interesting. There's some Phoenix stuff in the story. So if you're interested in that, I'd say read up on it online. But it's not worth the $24.99 its selling for. Writing is meh. And Salvador Larocca's art back in X-treme X-men was waaaaaay better than this. (Don't take my opinion for it. Do a google image search. You'll see. :))

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Let's get rid of Hope Summers, Tean Jean, Xorna, and Bendis' writing. Then we can talk about bringing back the original Jean Grey-Summers. Right now there's too many knock offs of her around for her to be relevant. And the current (lack of) story telling in X-books would do the character a disservice.

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@brazekool: The cuckoos were introduced by Grant Morrison, in New X-men circa 2001. They haven't gotten much character development since. I think Bendis is trying to give them some much needed shine.

However, in X-men Phoenix: Warsong (the follow up to X-men Phoenix: Endsong) circa 2006 it was established where the cuckoos came from.

I would advise reading all of New X-men. But Warsong... You can find enough information about online.

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Initially I didn't like it, because of the whole psychic betrayal, soap-opera-esque tone of the story. The I re-read New X-men a bunch of times and gained an appreciation for how special Jean's character was painted to be. Looking at the books that followed, you could tell something was missing from the cast.

Afterwards, I started to enjoy Emma as a snarky good guy type. I didn't think she should've been headmistress, however when she's written as a teacher it makes for good reading. But as of late, I think Emma's just boring. She's everything Jean critics accused Jean of being, except for a Mary-Sue.

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The Cuckoos don't hate Jean. Celeste is being pushy. This is Bendis' way of giving the girls some (much needed) character development. As a result, we can see Celeste as the control freak. Irma as the self-aware, and potentially vulnerable one. And Phoebe hasn't really found her self yet. But she's in the process.

It's good to see them as more than psychic telephones for the non-telepaths in the group for once.

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Iceman became a wizard?! Nice.