I say thee nay!

I'd disagree with the SHRA - Genoshan mutates were pressganged into using their powers to benefit their country too weren't they? However, I wouldn't necessarily go against it.

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Superstatistics

The popular science journal New Scientist has recently reported Argentinian physicists' investigation into the social networks of the superhuman characters in the Marvel Universe.


According to the researchers (the presumptuousness of physicists studying human social behaviour, be it of a fictional nature or otherwise, riles me in my capacity as an anthropology student) "villains were banished to the periphery of society, while the superheroes were well connected."

I'm non-plussed. What about the Hulk, wanting only to be left alone? Spider-Man, a total geek frequently hunted by the law and decried by the media? The X-Men being hated/feared by the rest of human society? This, while Doom and Namor lead nations and Stark and Reed Richards (yeah yeah, maybe they're Skrulls) act in thoroughly unethical ways to ensure nobody ruins their gig and everyone has to sign up to their club. Simply counting when characters appear in the same issue - which is how the research was conducted - does not yield a true representation of the social effectiveness of any character. People who have ever read a Marvel comic know that Wolverine and Spidey frequently cameo in books other than their own and yet they're hardly the most sociable guys, don't work great in teams, and can do without other heroes watching their backs.

Don't even get me started on the study ignoring DC; Luthor, the Society, the Secret Six, the Syndicate and the whole of the anti-matter universe/Earth-3..

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