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Excellent leap forward. 0

I believe that with the major success of the Avengers movie the follow up have been judged on a much steeper scale. With Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 there was a lot of Pros and Cons for the viewers, but they were both successful at the box office. I think parts of IM3 and T2 took a step back for some viewers (Not me I really enjoyed both), but I believe Captain America: The Winter Soldier took a major leap back in the right direction. It was a non stop thrill ride with action, suspense, and awesome v...

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A Step In the Right Direction 11

The Wolverine is a decent movie and much better than it predecessor. I think overall it was a good movie, but did have a few plot issues and possibly not enough action. Jackman and Wolverine is still spectacular and it does have him in a little bit truer form to the comic portrayal. I think it one of the top two X-Men franchise movies. The cast was well done and cinematography was great. I do think that the antagonists used in this movie were not played out as well as they could have. I give it...

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Excellent Movie with great character development 0

Iron Man 3 was a great addition to the Marvel cinematic universe. I was afraid that it would follow suit (pun intended) and be another armor wearing adventure for Tony Stark. That's all good and well but how many good movies can you have with the same plot. Bad guy shows up, Iron Man comes to save the day, beats Villain and roll credits. This plot was excellent in the fact that were see Tony Stark become Iron Man rather than him play Iron Man. He embodied his identity and we get to witness him g...

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Promising Start For A Favorite 0

I know for myself, as well as many others, that Gambit is a favorite character from the X-Men team. He always had that bad boy mentality while with the X-Men, but did know how to be somewhat of a team player. Overtime he grew as a member and became a Teacher and Mentor to many of the younger mutants. Now he is back in his own series and I think that it starts off really well. Many readers I'm sure picked up this new series on name alone, but I feel that it has some good content to back up the na...

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