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I haven't been keeping up with this run, but is this going to effect Captain America across all of the comics? Or does this still have something to do with Dimension Z that I've read about? That would suck if he's gone from all the different comics because of what's happening in this series. I hope it's just limited to this run and not everything.

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@samuel_simmons: Yea, on many of the cases it will just be a waiting game to see the movie and see if they explain any of it to us. I have a feeling a lot of it be just show us and that's that, no explanation or reasoning, it just is. That's one of my pet pevs when it comes to comic movies, if they change something and they have a reason that they can explain and makes sense it's mostly good with me, but when they change stuff and just expect me to accept it I have mixed feelings with it. The Wolverine with bone claws is the past version. Basically it seems that the "Past" falls along the time line in between First Class and Wolverine: Origins on the X-Men CU line. Since they only send the consciousness of Wolverine back, he gets his older body without the Adamantium. I think seeing Magneto put the metal back would be an interesting scene of the movie. I don't really like Beast being able to switch back and forth either, but I don't think it will really ruin it for me. I did read that Kelsey Grammer would have a small cameo in it, but not sure if he'll be reprising his full on Beast makeup. I don't know if they will have Scarlet Witch in there or not. That's one of the bigger underlining questions in regards to Quicksilver. Old Xaiver walking? Referring to the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine? I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in that since most want to forget that movie. I understand where there's continuity flaws with it, but at that point they probably didn't think about going back in time again. Hopefully young Charles walking will be touched on in this one. That's one of those things that you kinda need to know.

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How is old Xavier alive in the future? He died in X3, granted he is alive due to after credit scenes but would be in a different body.

Wolverine has metal claws in some scenes bone claws in others

Beast is blue in some scenes, human looking in others

How the hell is quiksilver that old already?

Can young charles walk or not? Old charles walked in Origins: Wolverine, but got paralyzed in first class

Why on earth can the X-men movies not even follow their own continuity?

You have a lot of question that I don't believe have been answered yet. Will have to wait until May 23rd to get solid answers.

1.) Not sure how it will all play out for the Older Xavier. Yes, the after credit scene will be the set up, but how they go about the body is a different story (if they touch on it at all).

2.) Evidently from the info, he will have his Adamantium in the "Future" part. The poster and some footage show that. How he gets it back is the question. We don't know that for sure, but probably something to do with Magneto. That's the logical thinking of it, but how in depth they will get on that subject.

3.) From what I've read he will have ability to switch between the two. Might be voluntary or might be as needed.

4.) Don't know how he's that old unless he really young, but because of his aging speed is appears older than he really is.

5.) Both, They show him doing both in the trailer. Not sure how he is walking unless he's just making people think he is walking or if he is using his powers to walk.

6.) Great question with few answers.

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@jonny_anonymous: I was not aware of that. I know some would, but I figured some would be captured or something along those lines. I still say it sucks to cut their screen time so much. I want to see Colossus, Iceman, and Warpath tear some crap up and it doesn't seem as though they will play any role in Apocalypse since it's only going to be moving into the 80's and they may not be X-Men yet.

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@w0nd said:

I think there is a lot of time jumping. I mean beast is still his lanky human self in some scenes, and beast in the other? And maybe wolverine knew of quicksilver in the future as an adult, and when he goes back in time he remembers him and comments he should be a teen. I honestly dont know how the time jumping works though, thought it was just putting wolverine in his younger body....

I read an article about that. From what it said (as long as it's reliable) Beast is going to be kind of Hulk like. They say he did some more experimenting on himself and found a way to suppress the blue furriness and that it only shows in certain situations or at will. So instead of getting angry and turning into a giant green monster it's more of a smaller blue furry monster. We'll have to see if that article is right or not.

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@flameboy298: Maybe that's true, but it doesn't seem all that promising. I have a feeling that Colossus is only gonna be around for about 5-10 mins and then never heard from again.

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@k4tzm4n said:

Colossus fans, you have my sympathy. Really hoping this is the best X-Men movie to date -- certainly looks promising.

Sad that Colossus doesn't get more face time and then it looks like he gets the smack down laid on him by a sentinel. I was hoping it would be the other way around.

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@supbatz: Yea he is in a wheelchair at the end of First Class. It's not clear from anything I have read as to what's going on with him. He's walking some and in the chair too during this trailer so it's a bit confusing. He may be using his mental powers to do it some, but can't use it all the time. Maybe playing off what Magneto says to Mystique in the First Class about using part of the concentration to keep up the facade.

@flameboy298: Just one of the confusing parts about this movie that hopefully they do touch on in the movie. He's not been mentioned in the "Current" or "Future" version, but somehow Wolverine knows him and the fact that he looks too old to be Magnetos son really.

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Getting this set of movies into a particular order is hard enough and then trying to nail down a favorite seems near impossible. I think that each movie has something for me in it and they each have something that makes them favorite worthy (for me and yes all of them). I think for my my best order is:

  1. Captain America: The Winter Solider - ( I just saw it as a complete movie that kept me interested from start to finish )
  2. The Avengers - ( An epic movie and one of the best overall, but just barely falls to Winter Solider )
  3. Iron Man - ( The entry point into the MCU and a major feat, not to mention it was a greatly made movie )
  4. Iron Man 3 - ( Even with the twist that so many hate, it worked for me, It was a massive movie and majorly fun to watch )
  5. Thor: The Dark World - ( I really liked the direction they had with this movie, a little lacluster in some areas but still good )
  6. Captain America: The First Avenger ( I think this was one of the more solid movie in Phase 1, but thought it developed a little slow in some areas for me )
  7. Iron Man 2 - ( I rather enjoyed this installment, even if most people didn't, I thought it had some cool components )
  8. Incredible Hulk - ( A much better movie than it's predecessor (Hulk) and a good switch to a better actor, but just wish it lined up more with the Avengers, Rufalow was awesome )
  9. Thor - ( I hate that Thor rounded out the pack, but there was just something it lacked for me, I think it was its choppy development, but I still enjoy the movie, It just didn't have enough to beat out some of the other movies )

I really enjoy all of these movie for what they have to offer and watch them all again from time to time. Yes, they all have some flaws, some more than others, but with each of them I am always entertained and have a fun time watching them.

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@meatwadf: That would be one awesome character.