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@Green Skin: What you are saying make a lot of sense. I recall now that Cyber, after being eaten by robo-bugs, also did something like Xavier.

Then I guess I have my answer, but does that mean we can expect Xavier in X-men 4, if it will ever be made ?


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@Green Skin said:
" Of coarse he is, why wouldn't he be?  If he retains his abilities in his astral form, then it's safe to say that his telepathy is not dependent on his physical body.  "
But he had his powers because of the mutation. In this body he is human.  Doesn't it matter ?
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@MadPseudoscientist said:
" "Snikt" is the sound of adamantium metal claws hitting the adamantium bones in Wolverine's hand. Adamantium doesn't really make any sound unless hit by adamantium. Adamantium makes other objects make sound. Nothing can make adamantium vibrate other than adamantium. Adamantium can cut diamond and make the diamond make sound. "
That makes a lot of sense :)

You adamantium, won't make sound unless it is hit by adamantium, is that, what you are saying, right ^^ ??
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Lots of Super posts here, but we are not going to the way I want. 
Every example has a little scar. 
I know that in comics he can grow back everything using only his brain cells. 
(Brain is the only organ that was never damaged, so it can produce stem cell, which are transforming into any missing cell in body)
Also there is the spiritual thing. If someone thinks it has nothing to do with Logans "life and death", thats only his opinion.
He was killed by the hand and revived - one examlpe.
He fought the Angel of Death, won and now after he dies he can always fight to win his life or go to heaven or hell.
What I want to know how it would work in real life.
We know that his healing factor would regrow his limb, keep him alive when his organs (which, for him, are not life threating when damaged), it can't save him from bleeding out to death, can't help when he don't have oxigene.
He can be killed in a simple way: bleed out - 0% oxygene
Thats why I'm asking.
If heart regenerates to slow his brain will damage and maybe later cells will heal but some side effects may happen.
Taking his heart our for example by teleporting it, will leave a space which in time would fill with steam cells and change into heart. But then agaian there is a broblem. Won't a bubble air stuck in his weins while regenerating ? If yes, how healing factor will deal with that. 
Also  time of regeneration is different. In one issue he regenerates faster and in other slower .
In two different issues he was burned to the bones, only breain remained.
In one it took him maybe hour, max.
In other, a day. 
Again the comic world gave us no clear answer XD

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Well I think that is how it is in comics. Nothing is sure, creator always will write something that will confuse us ;P
So many question I can ask but never a clear answer.

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Logan killed so many people that Death appeared to kill him, but hi won winning his life and  privileges that allows him fight for coming back to life.
If thats not magic or something, than I don't know. 
 "if he can heal all of his organs back once theyre gone, at once, why would he have a problem with just one?  "

Your right but there is a paradox if he died from bleeding out why he can't die from burning him to bones ??

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" @Mr.AllAboutWolverine: 
what are you talking about? he lost all of his organs and flesh. he healed them back.
so if he loses his heart it will heal back. what are you talking about spiritual pass?
in your imagination or did someone else tell you this? he was reduced to next to nothing
and he healed back, its as simple as that.

 Before healing he fought Azrael to win his life back, it is somehow spiritual, right ??
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" @Mr.AllAboutWolverine: yes, he can. not sure why this is even a question. he was burnt off clean until there was nothing left but his cooked brain inside his skull and healed back, twice now. im sure his heart has already been destroyed, though i cant remember where right now, i know Deadpool had his shot out the back of his body in chunks in Magnum Opus. thats what weapon x healing factors do, they heal back everything. "
Why this is a question ??
Well when after the fire explosion there was nothing except adamantium and Logan died. After wining his life he had a spiritual pass on earth. I'm wondering how it would be in real life, with no death to fight.
@Donnieman v5.1 said:
" Didn't Logan regenerate from a nuclear bomb once when he was completely wiped out except his adamantium skeleton? "

That was in Ultimate reality I'm asking about Logna from earth-616
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@Voidheart said:
" @Mr.AllAboutWolverine: yea well lets say he didnt have any organs at that time : ) "
Sorry, misunderstooded your post :)