X-men 2 : Lady Deathstrike Mutation theory

This is a official X-men 2 movie x-ray of Ladys Deathstrike hand.
And I was looking at it , and looking and I've made a theory. Strange theory but I want to share it with you.
When you look closelly on her fingers you will notice that for one finger there are double bones. That shouldn't be a surise because her claws/nail have to go through them to get out. But as you can see the shape of those bones  are natural. There are epiphysis and diahysis like in long bones. 
And by looking on the nail pop'in mechanism you can tell that the nails aren't like Logans claws.
My idea to explain this imossible phenomenon is: THREE MUTATIONS.
First mutation: Unnatural skeletal structure. 
This mutation adds (claws) or changes the shape (finger bones) of bones.
Second mutation: Healing
Because of the first mutation the bodys natural balance is disturbed so to keep it alive the healing factor kicks in. 
And as side effect it heals wounds, make the person immune to poisons and diseases.
Third Mutation: Feral sences.
We don't know if the movie version of Deathstrike has feral sences, but she has healing factor. We could say that sences and healing (Wolverine) are not "working" together as one mutation.
That's my theory ; ) 
Posted by Omega The Supreme Being

nice theory but how does the claws affect the bone structure wouldn't certain bones be missing and how can she bend her fingers and how does the claws extend?

Posted by Mr.AllAboutWolverine
1. how does the claws affect the bone structure  
Claws don't affect the bone structure, the are just implants.
When I mentioned unnatural bone structure I ment six bones in one finger.

2. how can she bend her fingers  
When the claws are extend between the double finder bones are some wires, they must be flexible enought to allow her finger to bend.

3. how does the claws extend
You can see in the forearm a mechnism. It work like Logans muscles that pop the claws.
I think she need to do some finger movements to full extend the claws.
Posted by 614azrael

this is what we call (inset mediam) magic u jus go with it lol. Its a prety good theory though
Posted by Deadknight

While her claws are different than Wolverine's, the basic function behind them should still be similar. Just look up his claws concept and you can probably interpret it loosely as to how movie Deathstrike's claws work.