Christopher Nolan Takes Over Justice League!

Messed Up! #31 - This week, Jeff and I talk about Christopher Nolan taking over the Justice League movies and making a 4th Batman movie.

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Posted by End_Boss

Seven out of eight movies is a fantastic record. Also, it's been confirmed that Nolan is not directing the Justice League flick (unless you can point me to a recent article that contradicts this), so... That segment kind of fell flat.

Also, where has there been any mention at all of a fourth Nolan Batman? I mean, if you can hook me up with an official source, that would be great.

Posted by Mr. Messy Face

@End_Boss: All the information I got for this video was from articles on Comic Vine. The rumor part was towards all of the movie stuff though.

Posted by Z3RO180

It would be good for Nolan to take over the JL movie

Edited by ShowboatingPenguin

it would be bad for him to direct it. It's just not in his department...

It's more in Zack Snyder's.

Edited by k4tzm4n

Just fyi nothing about the rumor said he's directing.  The rumor says he'll godfather (creative consult) or produce.  It's possible he could direct, but Latino Review's scoop didn't imply that.

Posted by Press Oblivion

Latino review isnt a reliable source for this sort of news.

Posted by Mr. Messy Face

@k4tzm4n: I know. I didn't say he was directing them just that he was taking them over.

@Press Oblivion: I know. I was making fun of trolls who believe rumors like theses.