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Posted by Ultimate JSA

very nice list  i see you like x-men
Posted by thegreatfour

In to X-men much?

Posted by Mr. Mercury

I grew up on X Men!

Posted by thegreatfour
@Mr. Mercury: yeah I like them too.
Posted by Mr. Mercury

I'm not a big fan of their current story arcs though. :(

Posted by thegreatfour

I'm not a big fan of many of the current  marvel story arcs.

Posted by Mr. Mercury

Exactly, DC is where it's at! And I'm starting to read Image comics.

Posted by thegreatfour

Invincible is awesome. To bad my local comic store doesn't sell them

Posted by Mr. Mercury

: O That's lame, do you know any other good Image comics?

Edited by thegreatfour
@Mr. Mercury:
no, it's hard to find them in my town (Canada has betrayed me!) the other one I had was from five years ago and very confusing because it was in the middle of a story arc that had started a few comics back
Posted by Mr. Mercury

Five years ago, where did you get that issue from?
Canada eh?

Posted by Zaber

Yay! I m x-men fan! 

Posted by jrock85

Quite a few of my favorites on this list.

Posted by Hawkeye446

This is a grand list. SO much diversity split between the X-Men, (and Marvel and general) as well as DC, as well as a good mix of villains to. Fantastic.

Posted by PowerHerc

Glad to see Big Barda on this list.