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@she-wolf: His personality, his condition. Benji was Benji and I liked watching him maneuver through the world.

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@she-wolf: Do it. I will endorse his crossover with open arms.

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@she-wolf: The one with the tattoos, I think.

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@she-wolf: Did you bring what's-his-name back from LW to CV?

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Psy, this remiinds meeee of Laaast Wooorld!

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"I'll take a tour of the White House. I've never been here before." Angel de Lavigne intercepted the indirect dismissal, placing her hand on Shinji's shoulder before she left the Black Office. They shared a wordless dialogue filled with subtle body language.

The Japanese diplomat's lapis lazuli eyes steeled cool over President Pierce. "Clara-san, Anthony Stark seemingly left you with a mess of a country. A litany of matters left unsolved. Woe is me. But that is merely looking through the lens of an outdated perspective. Truthfully, he left you with the building blocks to a better America and its right around the corner, there just needs to be a pure, unhindered brass of action. No political posturing. At least not for you. Leave that to the Senate and House members. The men and women that will work for you."

"That will take some time and require your public presence. Clara, you have an American--International Cult of Personality brimming behind your eyes. Your two kinds of potential and I can help you tap into that second channel. Keyword: Help. You are your own master." Shinji felt the kinetic energy emanating from Clara, the socially detached climb to her political throne, but at this point he saw what barricaded her into her office. She reached her mountain with not one soul standing beside her. She was alone. Shinji entered his relationships, long and short, promising progression and soul saturation. Never entering based off impulse or romantic fits of passion.


"But now I want to share a personal gift and a true seal to my alliance. Originally, an NSIA [ Nippon Special Intelligence Agency; LOCKED] cell operating out of Japan. At the moment they are an unsanctioned SPOF, but that is something we can work on with the Defense Secretary and the Pentagon within the week. The black ops cell is simply dubbed ORION. As a an act of security the six member squad will be under the close command of my eldest brother, Mugen Tsukazaki and governed jointly by you and I." His soul piercing gaze sustained as a smoldering smirk smoothed across his symmetrical face. ORION boasted a kaleidoscopic resume of clandestine missions: al-Qasim, Siene Republic, Redell-an Treaty, K'Lesi Scourge. [*CLASSIFIED].

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My Celtic knowledge is barren. But more power to you.

Marvel's given us a very rich picture of Norse mythology to rip off homage,

I chuckled about this and joke with my friends about this all the time: "Oh yes, I'm paying homage." When it's really just a clear rip-off.