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@iragexcudder: Fair enough. Dumb is probably not the right word. Reckless and hot headed would probably be better.

I wouldn't call him tactile, though. He's all about just rushing in and killing everything. If not for the likes of Zhang Liao, Chen Gong, and even to an extent Diaochan, he'd probably not stand much of a chance against the likes of Cao Cao or the Sun Family (as evidenced by Xiapi, where he completely ignores Chen Gong and loses as a result).

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I think ultimately, though, Lu Bu despite being powerful is kinda dumb. He's all brute strength, zero nuance. I don't know THAT much about Silver Samurai, but from what I have read of him, he's a pretty smart and strategic dude. All he has to do (like everyone always does against Lu Bu) is get the man to destroy himself and deliver the final blow.

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Dynasty Warriors 7/8 Air Musou. get reckt.

Which version of Lu Bu we talking? Anything prior to the DW6-era, he was a pretty normal chinese dude. From DW6 (and Strikeforce) and on, he's far more impressive.

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I don't fear death itself, I don't think.

But, I do fear not knowing what happens after, I do fear how it will happen and wondering if it'll be painful or not, I fear missing out on everything that happens in life afterwards, and I fear for the loved ones I leave behind.

But actually dying itself, I probably should...but I don't think so. Not really.

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Maybe when they eventually replace Idris Elba, Terry Crews will get to be Heimdall instead. :P

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Arrow and Flash have started to get really stale for me these past seasons (first season for Flash). Whereas Agents of SHIELD and Walking Dead have both been incredible, consistently, so far with the start of their respective new seasons.

Constantine is also pretty great, but it was doomed the minute it showed up on NBC. They love cancelling good shows.

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I assume at this point they just keep adding those weird spider-arm things because if it wasn't there it would just look like a long sleeved shirt.

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Are there no other inmates at that prison Barry's father is at? Its always so empty.

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I actually like Krysten Ritter, a lot. She isn't the image I had in my head for Jessica Jones, though. But then, Marvel has been generally solid on their casting choices so far, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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What if Mack was one of the Worthy and the temple thing down there just changed him all Terrigan style :O

According to Raina, anyone who wasn't Worthy would've been killed and anyone who wasn't worthy who touched the Diviner was turned to stone. Neither of those happened to Mack.

Eh, I dunno. Just a theory. Just seems funny to me that he'd touch the symbol and instead of dying or whatever he ends up getting super powers, instead. XD