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Amazon is just going on a shopping spree

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Wondering how they're gonna handle this. This sort of forces everyone to go out and watch Winter Soldier, I suppose. In that regard it's pretty good marketing, but then there'll be people who get Winter Soldier spoiled for them because the big reveal is showing up on MAOS a week later.

I know they've done this kind of thing before with Thor and what not, but this one will have to be a little deeper as the big reveal in Winter Soldier is...sort of a huge thing.

Still, I'll be curious to see how this all affects the show.

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I've been out of the loop for too long, apparently... I didn't even know there was going to be a Constantine show, much less that its already casted and everything XD

Well, alright then. He looks good, im looking forward to it!

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I enjoyed this episode a lot. Beth is one of the characters that I wanted to know more about, I think she could be a really cool character, and I am intrigued by her perspective. She is one of the few non-sociopathic, over the top bad ass characters...she's young, and innocent, and trying to figure things out and manages to survive. Kinda bums me out that everyone hates her because she isn't...ya know, a bad ass.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Beth and Daryl...I just really hope they don't kill her off, the whole "you're gonna miss me when im gone Daryl Dixon" line has me so worried...

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I just don't understand Marvel's unwillingness to use Johnny Blaze. They insist on bringing in new, hispanic, blood for some reason. The last one was a failure, so much so they even killed her off...and Blaze became Ghost Rider again. They really just need to go back to's what most people want.

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Oh man! I love Evangeline Lilly! Having her in this movie would be awesome! I wouldn't mind her as Janet at all.

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I love Supergirl, but I've been a bit bored by her book. So I am all for a Lemier controlled Supergirl, even if it isn't a Supergirl book. lol. I'm in!

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Damn...Pym is going to be made into a side character that will probably not see any action. I really was hoping Pym would get his chance to shine in the Cinematic universe, not as Rudd (i never expected Rudd to be Pym) but somewhere. But, guess not.

Guess Marvel can't get them all right. XD

(hope it turns out great though)

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I thought he turned down the Thieves Guild and his pappy took over o.O

Or did I just get them confused because they look so much alike... XD

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Who knew Deadpool was so popular in the Marvel Universe.