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Exciting Start to a Left of Center "Historical" Fiction Tale! 0

I hadn't planned on picking up this book ahead of time, until I noticed the creative team behind it. I became acquainted with Hickman and Pitarra via their previous book The Red Wing. A miniseries which I thoroughly enjoyed but I thought was flawed based on its short run. With Manhattan Projects being an ongoing, I hope to see Hickman and Pitarra's complex scientific and philosophical (Sci-Phi?) ideas have room to stretch and grow.I'll be honest, conceptually, the "secret history of the Manhatta...

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Needs Some Help 0

I like Tom Morello, I really do. I like his music, I think he's extremely intelligent. I respect his activist stance and much of his political leanings. So now that I have that out of the way-- the writing in this book is terrible! I really hate to say that, but I'm not gonna gloss over that fact for this otherwise well intentioned book.Now for the good news: the art and story are fantastic! I hope that doesn't come off as contradictory. I love Scott Hepburn's style; the panels flow very well. T...

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"Rare" Book, Can it Live Up to the Hype? 0

This book caught my eye after abstaining from comics for about 6 months. The cover (and interior) art is beautiful, and the techno-sci-fi-fantasy concept apeals to me as well. But the thing that really made me turn my head was the fact that it "sold out before it even hit the stands." Now I don't usually fall for that type of marketing hype-- that's classic Image. Under-print a potentially "hot" book to generate buzz and create a subset of rabid fans clamoring to pick up the first issue. Admitte...

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