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these are SICK! Filing under "wish i'd thought of that." My favorites are, Superman: excellent movement, Iron Man: beautiful coloring, Batman: overall great silhouette. Well done!

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cool, checking some of these out now. Habibi looks pretty good

@Billy Batson: can you tell me more about "BB" lots of false info out there

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@PikminMania said:

EPIC or maybe The Red Ten.

Not finding any info on these? Who publishes them?

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My LCS is having a sale on GN's and I am drawing a blank on which titles I should pick up. I'm not really into any comics from Marvel or DC, and I don't really like the Superhero genre particularly. My favorite publishers are Image, Vertigo, Dark Horse, ONI, & IDW. I like good writing/art, sci-fi/fantasy/apocalyptic, comedy/drama. I'm trying to be specific here but apparently its not working lol.

Anyway, help me out by brainstorming some of your favorite graphic novels from recent times please!

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I have Sin City: That Yellow Bastard 1-6 each signed by Frank Miller. Can I get these analyzed and authenticated and issued a COA?

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cool, that's what I'm looking for basically. Did you get the Miller's and Frazetta's from previews?

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kinda answered my own question here, but I'd still like more input from any other like-minded individuals. Here's a site that I just found, but I'm sure there are hopefully other options as well...

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I've been getting into collecting "rock art" prints... ok basically just a glorified poster, but they are limited editions and signed and numbered by the artist. I have a guy who frames them artistically and I think they look great on my wall. It just occurred to me that I should have some prints done by my favorite comic artists as well. IDK where to look for these types of prints, I know not every artist does stuff like that either. But, between the rock star artists, and up and coming indie artists, I'm sure they must be out there.

Just wondering if anyone else shares an interest in collecting and framing prints, and if artists like Frank Miller, or Mike Mignola, or any number of other spectacular artists make prints like this available?

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The rest of the damage to the book is minor, a few spine creases, a couple of very small tears here and there but nothing too major. One has a very noticeable liquid spill though. Out of the 40 or so books only about 6 or 7 have this scribble mark.... lol I just don't know if I am supposed to be outraged or if I should have been expecting the like.

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I just bought a large lot of bronze age x-men comics (#150-190) most were graded VG. Now I know what VG means, and I'm fine with some rips, creases, etc. But many of the books have pen marks scratching out the price on the cover (I can post a pic later). It looks like it was done long ago by a dealer who no longer was selling the comics for the cover price of 60c... but to ruin the cover with permanent ink? Is that indicative of a VG rating? I am not well versed in grading scales, I knew I was getting lower-end quality books, but... Is this a common practice you've heard of? Should I get over it? Or do you think because of the pen marks a VG grading is not accurate. Any insight would be appreciated.
FYI I bought the issues to complete my collection, I probably won't be reading them (I have the dvd collection) I'm not a grading stickler typically but deliberate pen marks are kinda disappointing.

EDIT: rather than start a new topic I'd like to ask a bit of advice from anyone reading... do you think X-men 266 (1st Gambit) is worth $38 at VF?
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