Have you ever noticed that there aren't a lot of mixed race characters in mainstream comics? I mean aside from Connor Hawke, Batgirl, White Tiger, and Darwin. There has certainly been a rise in the number of "serious" (by which I mean not cartoony stereotypes like Ebony White, Shang-Chi, and up until a few years ago Luke Cage), minority superheroes, but very few of them are mixed. I guess my question is why that with the literal hundreds of white characters and dozens of black and asian characters, why are none of them mixed. I gotta give props ta Marvel for making a lotta interracial relationships, (Surge and Prodigy in New X-Men, Storm and Beast in Ultimate X-Men, Wasp and Captain America the Ultimates, and Luke Cage and Jessica Jones), but it still seems like for other companies, (I'm lookin at you DC), this subject seems taboo.

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