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This is some of the worst art I have ever seen in comics. What the heck were they thinking?

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@captainmarvel4ever: Don't see how that would make it more successful, as a lot of people see the whole "Ms. (insert male superhero name)" thing to be a little derogatory toward women and all.

"Ms. Marvel" supplanted Captain Mar-Vell decades ago, and yet she still had a name that suggested she was his sidekick. Marvel (comics) lucked out on this one, getting one of the best characters on the stands right now out of a goofy attempt to keep DC from using the name "Captain Marvel".

For the first time since the name was created, Marvel (comics) finally has a Captain Marvel that exists not only to hold the trade mark, but because they are a fantastic character as well.

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@maddpanda531: You just stated every reason why the book went from being completely terrible to one of the most personality-filled, fun books on the shelves right around issue #7.

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@miss_garrick: Considering both Martha Wayne and Batmwoman are members of the Kane family, I think it makes plenty of sense that they are both redheads. Also, considering Gordon (from Chicago) was also a redhead back in the day, it also makes sense that Batgirl would be one as well.

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On a completely different note, am I the only one that finds it really annoying that in all the other books (especially Avengers) Carol is being drawn with short, cropped hair like the artists never bothered to look past the covers of Captain Marvel?

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@fadetoblackbolt: Yes, cancel this book that dares change the hallowed status quo and does the best thing wit hthe character we've seen in 20 years! Down With Change!