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The painfully obvious actress: Emma Stone.

But they cast the perfect Mary Jane Watson as Gwen Stacy for some reason. And oddly enough, Shailene Woodley probably would have made a pretty great Gwen.

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This will be about a potential spoiler, so proceed with caution.

We all remember the big blow out about Josh Fialkov quitting Green Lantern Corps because he wouldn't kill off John Stewart. I can't remember, did we ever get word if that wouldn't be the case now? I'm trying to decide what books I want to pick up, and I'm curious if he will still die and if that could mean Simon Baz will take over the book with Guy Gardner moving to Red Lanterns possible, which I do indeed hope happens...

Sorry about all the spoiler crap, I just don't feel like getting bitched at by the spoiler hounds.

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@jaybefre: @kid_nacho:

What I mean by Deadpool is, when I've got a big ole stack of comics each week, it's nice to have Deadpool there to break up the serious chapters and just have a comic that makes you chuckle and laugh a bit. I feel like Larfleeze is that character at DC.

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No doubt about it. Love Larfleeze.

I feel like he could be DC's Deadpool-esque comedy break in my pull-list of Capes. Need more comedy books, and Larfleeze is hilarious. Very excited.

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@perezite said:

Question: why the fuck couldn't DC just make their own equivalent of the Ultimate Universe then and leaved regular, mainstream continuity out of your so called (and wasted, and will CONTINUE to be wasted) opportunity? Why the fuck did DC have to alienate it's loyal audience with a publicity stunt like this? Because make no mistake, this ENTIRE THING has been one big publicity stunt, and to hear you say Wonder Woman's never been better (at the cost of her back-story, one of the things that made her unique and really solidified her relationship with the Greek gods and turning her into just another bastard off-spring of Zeus (I.E. boring for her)) really just makes me wanna pinch my new born son.

That might have been a better way to go, but then it really would be an exact copy of what Marvel did. I'm not saying it wasn't a publicity stunt in part. It was obvious geared to give people an opportunity to jump on. It's kind of intimidating for new readers to jump on with 20 years of continuity in their way. I know that's how a lot of my friends felt about reading comics, and a big reason about why I stopped collecting issues until the New 52. There is a ton I miss about the old continuity, but I think the elements I miss will appear in time, so I'm willing to be patient because I'm excited about the new possibilities.

As for Wonder Woman, I'm not sure what back-story you're referring to unless you mean the clay story, which has always been kind of just... weird. Which is definitely saying something in a comic book world. I love her new relationship with the Greek Gods, their new roles, presentation, the relationships amongst them. They feel so real and awesome with their modernized approach. And she feels like a warrior instead of a ballerina. This is the Wonder Woman that I've always wanted. So we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Look even I'll admit that a reboot was needed. However the ONLY goal of the reboot should have been this. Getting rid of ALL the bad or convoluted stories that cluttered the universe. Amazons Attack? Gone. Countdown? Gone. Cry for Justice? Gone. Every story arc that could and SHOULD be forgotten should have been removed. Then they could tell these new stories in a universe free and clear from the bogged down old universe, keeping all the characters the same of course.

Look I can handle change, in fact there are indeed some changes I'm happy with! Barbara Gordon being Batgirl again AND having her history as Oracle intact? Love it! Hawkman having a drastically more simplified origin and awesome new powers? Love it! Sinestro being forced into being a Green Lantern again? Love it! Superman spending his first few years as a strongman vigilante like he was in the Golden Age? Love it!

I have a few other things I love about the New 52, but they still don't blind me to the fact that it's a HORRIBLE move. It had potential sure. It had LOADS of potential to be something great, but it failed miserably on the most crucial of elements. Staying true to all their characters. The ONLY character who is consistently like he was in the pre-New 52 is Batman. I'm not surprised though since Batman is DC's golden boy. Okay I love Batman, but really sometimes I hate that he's become the one thing DC revolves around

I feel like we're going to get those good stories, done a little better and a little more modern, in good time. They've been hinting at the Death of Superman pretty hard in the recently months, so I'm thinking they might redo it and make it even better. I think we'll see some of the best stories unfold again, we've just got to give it time. Some of the characters are pretty far off, I won't deny that, I was barely making it through Green Arrow, and then I got the Green Arrow I'd been waiting for. I feel like that's going to happen as writers shuffle around and stories get fleshed out. Fan response is definitely going to help in that regard as time goes by. Every character has rough patches when new or different writers come on and try and figure them out. That's just part of comic books.

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I picked up the new issue today without reading any of the previous stuff, and I thought it was spectacular. Definitely comic of the week for me.

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I really don't get the obsession with John Stewart being better than Hal Jordan. I don't hate John Stewart, but seriously, he's hardly amazing. At least Hal is entertaining.

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Con: New universe with none of the good stories of the previous one

There's still the vast majority of the good stories, especially in Batman and GL, and they've hinted pretty hard at some of the better Superman stories recently.

Con: Fortress of Solitude is no longer in the arctic thus taking away that classic location

Still in the Arctic. I don't know what Grant Morrison's deal was, but it's definitely still in the Arctic, for sure. Almost the entire H'el on Earth arc took place there.

Pro: Making a new Teen Titans team

Con: Getting rid of all the original members of the Teen Titans, thus destroying one of the greatest teams in comics

Con: Removing the original Teen Titans members means removing the crucial events in their lives that shaped who they were

Dick Grayson isn't a teen anymore, but they've been heavily implying that there was some kind of team in the past. Roy Harper has mentioned it a few times in RHAO.

Just a few things I thought I should correct.

At the end of the day, whether we want to admit it or not, the DCU had been painted into a corner by the end. When the only new stories we can come up with are new sidekicks or killing the character in question, we've got problems. The last big revamp was Green Lantern, and they had to retcon the crap out of it. I will always love and cherish the pre-Flashpoint continuity, but the truth is, we have a really grand opportunity to tell stories we couldn't have before without huge retcons that just kind of jumble the continuity.

Wonder Woman has never been better. Flash has never been better. Batman and Green Lantern continue to thrive, though they could have used with some retcon trimming of their own with the New 52. I'm just waiting for Superman to jump on board and get done right, because slowly but surely, the New 52 is becoming kind of awesome.

We just have to give it time. Look at Green Arrow. It started off sucky, but found the right writer, and now I can't think of a time when I've been more interested in him. As the books find the right writers and the right tone, this is going to be great.

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@rich711 said:

Is Jeff Lemire's run on JL Dark much better than Milligans? I read the first 5 issues and did not like it very much.

Lemire's run on JL Dark is one of the top books that DC is printing right now. The last arc before the current Swamp Thing/Flash one was a weak point, but until then, it was the best Justice League book being written for a long while.

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DC Adaptions:

  1. Superman the Movie
  2. Superman II
  3. The Dark Knight
  4. Batman Begins
  5. Batman

Marvel Adaptions:

  1. The Avengers
  2. Spider-Man 2
  3. Iron Man
  4. X2: X-Men United
  5. Captain America: the First Avenger