Pull List Reviews (8-24-11)

Hey guys! Since i posted my DC pull list topic the thought has come to me to show you guys my pull list and give my thoughts on the issues i decided to pick up that week. The format for now will be a work in progress so for now I'll put my pull list into the following categories (Loved it, Enjoyed it, ok, Disliked it, and Hated it.).   Hope you guys enjoy it!

Loved it

  1. American Vampire #18: Not much for me to say about this issue, I simply loved it. Snyder has really roped me into this story and has continued to find ways to amaze me and the ending to this arc was no exception.
  2. Batman Gates of Gotham #5 of 5: To avoid repeating myself about Snyder I’ll say this about his wonderful Gates of Gotham mini. With this series now over I am even more excited for Snyder to take over detective, he has taken these characters in such creative directions while establishing fantastic plot lines for these characters. Can’t recommend this series enough honestly.
  3. Captain America and Bucky #621: This is just the series I’ve been wanting for a while now, I’ve been wanting a World War 2 Captain America series for a long time now and even though it’s about Bucky it doesn’t disappoint. Brubaker clearly understands each of the characters of this story and is in complete control of this story. Another book I am really looking forward to next month.
  4. Punisher #2: I am so happy that I gave this series another chance with issue 2, I was honestly debating on picking this issue up not because of the quality of issue one but because this series didn’t seem like it was for me. But this issue proved me wrong, with Rucka’s solid writing and Checcetto’s stunning art. Between those two I can happily say that I anxiously await next month’s issue.

Enjoyed it

  1. Batman Arkham City #5 of 5: Not exactly the bang of an ending that I was hoping for, but Dini has still made another solid issue here showing off the Bruce Wayne side to the story that I highly doubt that Arkham City will show us. Though I’m still getting used to the new robin design and the ending is a little too open ended for my taste, it’s still a solid ending to a solid miniseries.
  2.  Mystery Men #4 of 5: Liss has consistently entertained me with this fantastic marvel noir book. Solid characters, great action and one of the most entertaining anti-heroes to date. I only hope that he leaves room for a follow up story in issue 5.
  3. Uncanny X-Force #13: Not as entertaining as issue 12 for me but Remender is still hooking me into his dark angel saga with the over the top action and the age of apocalypse setting. Plus with the ending of this issue I can’t help but get excited for the next one.
  4. Wolverine #14: As much as I enjoyed this issue I am so happy that this arc is over with. The formula for this arc started to bore me after the first time they used it. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this issue. hell the twist at the end is what rocketed it up to me enjoying it. But I’ve grown tired of wolverine for the last few issues so this is as good of a stopping point as any for me.


  1. Wonder Woman #614: There’s nothing really wrong with this issue in fact I actually enjoyed it quite a bit but this isn’t the wonder woman story I’ve been looking for. I’ve wanted to like this character for JMS’s whole run but I honestly can’t seem to muster up much more than respect for the character. That aside I found the ending of this series to be one of the better ones of the DC books character wise (certainly better than the way the main batman book did.). An entertaining story overall and I hope her new series can finally get me to really appreciate wonder woman as a character.

Disliked it

  1. Batman Incorporated #8: Personally I’m just not too much of a fan of Grant Morrison’s style with this issue. The digital art while very nice to look at in certain panels can be very hard for me to see what was going on. Overall I enjoyed the concept of this story but between the art and some of the dialogue the entertainment value of this comic got dragged down for me.

Hated it


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