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 Hey everyone This is my first blog that i'm posting on this site and i figured i'd devote it to some of my potential ideas for fan fics. (an idea i got from my most recent list)

Before i start on this though i just want it to be known that whatever fan fic i decide to do will most likely be secondary to the comic book series i am currently trying to make. But i will do the best i can to release a part every other week or at least once a month (sorry im so slow with writing these things lol). So anyway here are a few ideas i have come up with for a fan fic story and i would definitely love to hear from all of you which story you are interested in the most. I'll put a brief explanation for my idea by the characters i am interested in writing though to be honest most of them won't be too detailed at the moment.

1. Thundra- This one is the most obvious since i recently completed my first story on her. Basically the next story would be about her dealing with the losses she sustained from the last story, her anger is becoming uncontrollable and making her distant from her friends and allies. While this is going on her enemies begin to plot her downfall and a familiar marvel character will make an appearance (in a sense).

2. Blade- I don't have an exact story for this one but i'm thinking i would set it after blade 2 and before trinity. And perhaps have it be more political with the vampire nation attempting to make one of their own president with blade trying to stop them.

3. Moon Knight- I'd pick up where shadowland's moon knight tie in series left off. Marc spector is back and a complete puppet to konshu (sorry if i spelled that wrong), as his closest friends and an unlikely ally or two attempt to help separate from Konshu's influence. (think a more psychological version of shadowland)

4. Victor Zaasz- Victor escapes from arkham asylum and begins to go on a killing spree. While his distant cousin is assigned to the case. Basically a seven like story but with zaaszs

5. Black Widow- i honestly don't have much of an idea of what to do here, but i would enjoy writing a black widow story though i might make it really short if i did one soon since time is going to be a factor for me this summer. (so maybe i'll put this one on the back burner unless you guys really want me to do it)

That's all i have for now, Can't wait to hear what you guys think! I'm going to choose the next story primarily off of what you guys choose.
Thanks for listening guys!

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Posted by Constantine

my faves are Zsasz and Blade

Posted by CaptainCockblock

Can't wait to see some of these.

Posted by TypingKira

Kinda looks like you already got started ;} I know very little of all of these, so whatever you do next, I'll love it!

Posted by Red Rum

How about combing two of those 4 Marvel stories into one where the heroes team up? Like Black Widow and Moon Knight?