Comic Update 3- Preview Issue Completed (plus a prize inside!)

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Another week another update, I'm actually thinking of making this into a weekly blog unless anyone has any objections to it but anyway onto the heart of the matter.

In about a weeks time i finished the ten page preview that my publisher from Ravenhammer comics asked of me and i have to say i am quite pleased with it. My mind set going into making this preview issue was to show the characters through their actions and mannerisms while keeping them mysterious to the readers at the same time (this is essentially a tease issue after all lol). At first i found it difficult to find a means of doing this without treading over my issue's territory but fortunately i found a really cool avenue to achieve what i wanted without ruining what comes ahead. I can't wait to see what Ayers does with the pages once he sinks his teeth into the meat of this things cause once this thing gets chaotic it doesn't let you go. I'll keep you guys posted on expected release dates and such but at the moment i sadly don't know anything about it yet.

On the art front i have some great news, Ayers finished up his final designs on three of my characters Hannibal, Nolan and Brett and each of them were spot on. He really understands where i want to go with these characters and i am really hoping that this will be the beginning of an amazing collaboration. With that said i would like to show off another one of my characters to you guys like i did last week. This one is his design of my character Nolan, what i love about this image is how he managed to take all the energy and wit of this young character and summed it all up in one image anyway enough of my blabbering enjoy the image and i will see you guys next week!

Alex Breen


Marvel Studio's Forgotten Film

Like everyone else this week i have seen the avengers trailer and cannot wait for it to come out. Being there from the beginning with Iron Man really gives this feeling of absolute awe that this is really happening, I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing it. So with the trailer premiering i took it as a perfect excuse to watch all the marvel studios films in order to get myself hyped for the upcoming film. I would have already went through them all by now but i am trying to show one of my roommates them as well so its taking longer than i expected.

Anyway ever since i saw the avengers trailer and getting my first glimpse of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner something felt off. Don't get me wrong i trust in marvel studio's abilities to pick the right person for the role and i know that Ruffalo is more than capable of doing the part but the issue for me is that someone else should be playing that part in the film. I am of course talking about Ed Norton the previous actor who had the role in Marvel Studio's film Incredible Hulk. I always felt when i saw that film that he captured Bruce Banner perfectly for the film, something about the way he carried himself in that film always managed to stick with me. It's a shame that creative disputes came in the way of him coming back onto the avengers film.

Quickly after i thought of Norton a bigger question came to mind, Why wasn't the Incredible Hulk a bigger success in the box office? When i saw it in theaters i had an absolute blast in theaters and i wasn't even a hulk fan at the time, and even the critics gave it fairly favorable reviews at the time. Like Iron man it had a great lead actor in the role of the title character, a fun and fast paced plot, a memorable villain and even felt like a truly felt like a comic come to life on the screen. Plus while Iron Man first showed us the idea of a fully realized comic book universe, the incredible Hulk was the first one to capitalize on it. Tony Stark at the end credits anyone?

The only reason i can think why this film didn't do better was that theatergoers probably still had some of the aftertaste from Ang lee's hulk adaptation so not as many people bothered to try this one out. If that's the case then i feel even worse for this film and the ones after it will take some time for hulk films to get out of the shadow of the Ang lee film. Iron Man certainly had the benefit of being relatively unknown to cinema when it hit which i think contributed to its success quite a bit, if only that were the case with incredible hulk then maybe it could have at least hit 175 million in the US like Thor did.

I know I'm really ranting a lot about this film but i get the feeling ten years down the road when marvel has really established themselves after the avengers film everyone will think of the films that led up to it and i get the feeling that most will neglect to mention incredible hulk. While that isn't as tragic as how a potential daredevil franchise got crushed by that crappy theatrical cut, it is still sad to see there still be doubt about whether or not there will be a hulk sequel in the near future when Thor, iron man and cap are all getting sequels and in Iron Man's case a third film. And good for them mind you but i only wish that the hulk film could get that kind of love as well.


Comic Book Update 2- Design Phase

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Another week another update. A lot has happened in the week for me, as if balancing this and school was hard enough.

First on my own front I've been working out a 10 page story to which my characters will appear in before my first issue comes out. While i can't give away too many details i will say this, this story will most likely take place in another one of Ravenhammer's books as a co feature since that would be the best place to put it. But with that said it will be a standalone story and will not effect issue one at all so if you can't for whatever reason get a hold of the book its in then fear not you will still be able to jump into issue 1 and have a blast. The whole point of the preview is to give you a glimpse at these characters and what they can do without retreading on issue 1.

Another huge development actually happened fairly recently, today i got the final character images from the artist of the preview issue and issue 1 S.R. Ayers and all i can say about his designs was that i was speechless. This guy has taken a lot of these ways that i envisioned my character and has brought them straight to life on paper and in some cases even made them better than i could have imagined! So yeah it's been quite a development for me this week and i'll keep you posted on it's progress.

Oh and i almost forgot, here's one of his designs of my character Camille, this is just a taste of this guys skills and i hope you enjoy it.

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Comic Book Update 1

Recently I have hit another huge break with my dreams to being a comic book writer, for those of you who don’t know last summer I was introduced to a publisher that was interested in making my comic book script come to life. The publisher is Ravenhammer Comics (which you should check out if you ever get the chance) and recently they have made their first real moves to back up their promise, recently giving me the means I needed to find an artist and get this book started.

After a week a week of sifting through artist auditions I finally found a fantastic artist whose name is S.R. Ayers. Ayers has a wonderfully gritty style with the way he draws his pages and add that with his gifted sense of color I knew he was exactly what I needed for my comic to truly be something special.

The title of my comic for now is Project Phoenix (subject to change) and If I had to describe the story in a nutshell it’s like a cross between the losers, X-Men and the Bourne films. This comic will follow a group of soldiers (some have amazing abilities and others not so much) that have banded together to fight in a terrifying world that is essentially heading for hell. This is as much as I can say about it at the moment but I will let you know that I am going for a real slow burn sort of book with some occasional flare ups. Some issues will almost entirely character driven while others are very high octane action but how it flips back and forth is where most of the fun is.

I know for a fact that I have one issue that will be published by Ravenhammer and potentially a preview/prequel sort of issue that will come out before its release but from there it’ll depend on how the book sells I presume. I can tell you right now that I have three completely written issues with issue 4 about halfway done. I will continue to update you guys on how my writing progresses and how the comic itself is being made.

For anyone reading this I appreciate you taking the time to read this post of mine and I want to assure you that I am not trying to force anyone to buy this book when it comes out. But I will promise you that if you do buy it whenever it comes out that you’ll be in for a very special treat. This story and its characters mean a lot to me, and too be perfectly honest this isn’t about the money, getting paid to do this is nice but just the fact that my story will actually be released for everyone to read and enjoy is what really matters to me. This is more than a story to me, this is my life and I’m glad you’ve decided to come along for the ride.

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Cincy Comic Expo: Year Two

Another year another CIncy Comic Expo, I went into this year's expo extremely excited for it, after all my first year (and the expo's mind you) was one of the key events in my life that helped to turn me onto the path of being a comic book writer. So how'd this year compare to the last one? Here's a brief summary of the good and bads/future and some of my conquests of this year's expo


  1. like last year, Michael Uslan's story of bringing batman to the big screen was even more enjoyable the second time around.
  2. The Captain America Panel, consisting of Elizabeth Breitweiser, Mitch Breitweiser, Allen Bellman and Michael Uslan was extremely entertaining. The members of the panel were very nice, humorous and brought a lot of knowledge from the art end of a comic that was nice for me to learn.
  3. The Elizabeth and Mitch Breitweiser Booth was very cool, i had fun talking with them and seeing them at work on random commissions. one of the highlights of the expo for me.
  4. good selection and cheap prices on the books i got ( seriously i made a killing this year lol.)
  5. A bigger venue for us fans :)
  6. My friends by my side the whole way through :)
  7. some amazing artwork in artist's alley!


  1. As much as i enjoyed Michael Uslan, the Breitweisers, Moore and Bellman I really hope that Cincy can bring in a couple more big guns for next year. Someone like Peter David, Chris Claremont, or even John Romita Jr to really turn the attendance from great to completely off the charts.
  2. Maybe my memory is just off but while the number of panels and booths increased i think artist alley either decreased or stay the same. I'd recommend bringing in a few more for next year.
  3. This one kinda leads into the bigger guns argument but i definitely want more panels for next year. This year's oanels were an improvement from last year's and i expect them to do the same next year. :)

Things I missed:

  1. The Jim Steranko Panel: I was so tired at the time that i decided to sit that one out, i'll probably end up regretting that choice since he was the biggest advertising draw of the expo.
  2. Comic Book Trivia, I'm sure i wouldn't have won it but i really wanted to be a part of lol. Guess there's always next year :)

Conquests: Had a great selection of items that i purchased, here's some of my favorite ones :)

  1. Tony Moore signed Venom issues 4 and 5
  2. Ellen and Mitch Breitweiser signed Captain America Patriot issues 1-4
  3. Cincy Con poster, drawn, inked, colored and signed by Allen Bellman, Elizabeth Breitsweiser, and Mitch Breitweiser.
  4. Black Widow Marvel Knights trades
  5. Peter David's Hulk Volume 4
  6. Batman Tales of the Demon
  7. Avengers Poster by the Breitweisers
  8. A kickass Thor poster :)

Overall i lhad an amazing time at this place just like last year and if i had to give them a review it would be a solid 9 out of 10. They really improved from last year's expo and i get the feeling they're really going to blow us all away next year :)

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How Would You Make Couples Work in Comics?

There's an odd contradiction that I've been seeming to notice in comic books as i progress through the older and newer tales of my favorite characters. The editors and writers of marvel and dc don't want characters to be single but at the same time they seem to be flaky about having a character being in a committed relationship. You can look all across the board for this one anywhere from spidey to barry allen marriages and long term relationships just seem to be dissolving from out of nowhere. Now i know people say that if a character is married or in a steady relationship that there won't be any good stories to tell but i just can't believe that. If anything it would be more challenging to tell compelling stories but isn't the fun in writing to tell those challenging and compelling tales instead of resorting to tired and cliched formulas?
So anyway to my point, as a writer I've been thinking about this topic and would love to hear how you guys feel about this. If you are for long term relationships in comics then how would you make their tales more interesting and same goes to the people on the opposite end. I would really love to hear how our writing community feels about this.


Pull List Reviews (8-24-11)

Hey guys! Since i posted my DC pull list topic the thought has come to me to show you guys my pull list and give my thoughts on the issues i decided to pick up that week. The format for now will be a work in progress so for now I'll put my pull list into the following categories (Loved it, Enjoyed it, ok, Disliked it, and Hated it.).   Hope you guys enjoy it!

Loved it

  1. American Vampire #18: Not much for me to say about this issue, I simply loved it. Snyder has really roped me into this story and has continued to find ways to amaze me and the ending to this arc was no exception.
  2. Batman Gates of Gotham #5 of 5: To avoid repeating myself about Snyder I’ll say this about his wonderful Gates of Gotham mini. With this series now over I am even more excited for Snyder to take over detective, he has taken these characters in such creative directions while establishing fantastic plot lines for these characters. Can’t recommend this series enough honestly.
  3. Captain America and Bucky #621: This is just the series I’ve been wanting for a while now, I’ve been wanting a World War 2 Captain America series for a long time now and even though it’s about Bucky it doesn’t disappoint. Brubaker clearly understands each of the characters of this story and is in complete control of this story. Another book I am really looking forward to next month.
  4. Punisher #2: I am so happy that I gave this series another chance with issue 2, I was honestly debating on picking this issue up not because of the quality of issue one but because this series didn’t seem like it was for me. But this issue proved me wrong, with Rucka’s solid writing and Checcetto’s stunning art. Between those two I can happily say that I anxiously await next month’s issue.

Enjoyed it

  1. Batman Arkham City #5 of 5: Not exactly the bang of an ending that I was hoping for, but Dini has still made another solid issue here showing off the Bruce Wayne side to the story that I highly doubt that Arkham City will show us. Though I’m still getting used to the new robin design and the ending is a little too open ended for my taste, it’s still a solid ending to a solid miniseries.
  2.  Mystery Men #4 of 5: Liss has consistently entertained me with this fantastic marvel noir book. Solid characters, great action and one of the most entertaining anti-heroes to date. I only hope that he leaves room for a follow up story in issue 5.
  3. Uncanny X-Force #13: Not as entertaining as issue 12 for me but Remender is still hooking me into his dark angel saga with the over the top action and the age of apocalypse setting. Plus with the ending of this issue I can’t help but get excited for the next one.
  4. Wolverine #14: As much as I enjoyed this issue I am so happy that this arc is over with. The formula for this arc started to bore me after the first time they used it. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this issue. hell the twist at the end is what rocketed it up to me enjoying it. But I’ve grown tired of wolverine for the last few issues so this is as good of a stopping point as any for me.


  1. Wonder Woman #614: There’s nothing really wrong with this issue in fact I actually enjoyed it quite a bit but this isn’t the wonder woman story I’ve been looking for. I’ve wanted to like this character for JMS’s whole run but I honestly can’t seem to muster up much more than respect for the character. That aside I found the ending of this series to be one of the better ones of the DC books character wise (certainly better than the way the main batman book did.). An entertaining story overall and I hope her new series can finally get me to really appreciate wonder woman as a character.

Disliked it

  1. Batman Incorporated #8: Personally I’m just not too much of a fan of Grant Morrison’s style with this issue. The digital art while very nice to look at in certain panels can be very hard for me to see what was going on. Overall I enjoyed the concept of this story but between the art and some of the dialogue the entertainment value of this comic got dragged down for me.

Hated it


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Some Advice Please?

This is an incredibly off topic blog but i figured this would be the best place for me to ask this question since it's safe to assume we all have our geekdom in common. I'll be sure to make this one short and sweet if possible.
So anyway here it goes, probably the only downside that comes with being a geek is that it definitely isn't on the college girl's most i sought after characteristic in a guy, especially when a guy like myself is so heavily invested in comic books, film and writing. I am in no way ashamed of that either, i am happy with who i am and am not willing to compromise myself to fit in with the college crowds (though it does help that i have a really tight group of friends back at home but that is besides the point). But in spite of all of that i continuously have trouble when it comes with women.
It's not that i can't talk to them either, i can usually talk to them without any serious problems but as soon as i like one everything that can seem to go wrong usually does happen and it's really been bugging me that two years into college there hasn't been one girl that would be willing to go out with me for anything much less a date. 
So i figured i'd ask the wonderful people of comic vine if you have any advice to point a hopeless romantic/comic geek from cincy on the right track to help me out with this little problem of my mine.
 Not trying to make this a sob story, i'm just mainly looking for some good advice for a college kid who has no clue what he's doing lol.
Thanks for listening guys!


My Thoughts: X-23

I've been picking up X-23's series since the first issue came out, this was my first exposure to the character other than the x-men evolution cartoon and I have to admit i was and still am impressed with the direction that Marjorie LIu is taking her.  She has a real knack for the character that i can't help but put it near the top of my reading list every time.
Now I'm not going to say it's the best book i read since it's not, but i will say this about her run so far. One of the strong points of this book is how she creates these wonderful character driven stories where we see how she ticks throughout them. To me she's such an interesting character that i am more than happy to see her narration go on constantly while the story progresses, Liu truly does know this character and with every time she talks or speaks to herself in those narration boxes she reaffirms it for me. But also as a whole i find her t be a terrific character writer, at first i didn't really see gambit as being much of a mentor for her but as i progressed through these stories i really couldn't see anyone else besides wolvie doing it. And it's always great when a writer can make you appreciate a character like that.
But what really makes this book for me is how LIu is able to just tell the stories she wants to tell with this character without getting dragged into the huge events like fear itself and schism. This reminds me of some of the older days of marvel where a writer would just have a run on a character and write the best stories they could for that character. The only thing missing is an artist that would stay on the title consistently, if i could pick i would go with the artist who drew the issue where jubilee showed up,that art was so stunning and suited the character so well that it would only enhance Liu's scripts even more.  
That aside however I can't wait to see what Liu has in store for the character next and i can only hope that this will be only the beginning of this highly entertaining run. So what are you thoughts? As always feel free to let me know.

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Your Thoughts?

Hey everybody figured I'd post this blog entry up before my next class starts up. 
The point of this blog is to catch you guys up with what's been going on with me since my last blog post (for anyone who cares lol). Today I started my first day of college as a sophomore and currently in the process experiencing all of the fun adjustments that come with another year of college (new classes, roommates, bills etc.). So i figured this would be a good time to bring this up for those of you who have read a couple of my blogs before. Since i have even more time than someone my age probably should, I've been thinking about posting more of these blogs that i normally do. Maybe as many as two or three depending on how creative I'm feeling at the time. But before i do that i figured I'd ask you guys if you think i should do that or just stick with my current method of blogging? And even more importantly where can i improve with these posts?
I'd love to hear from you guys who have read my blogs before and for those of you who haven't i would love to hear your opinions too if you want to check out a couple of my blogs.
Anyways thanks again guys, i look forward to your responses!