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Just keep it in the "Ultimate" universe.

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I enjoyed Liv Tyler as Bruce Banner's love interest in "The Incredible Hulk"...

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Anything would be better than Superman: Returns

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@doordoor123 said:
" Ummm i kind of agree with you G-man.  I read comics for the stories and not whose in the story or what theyre wearing.  But women deserve respect? Thats where i draw the line. (im just kidding) Not only do the female characters look like a bunch of hookers, but they dont update theyre constumes. When i think of those vagina crotch costumes some heroes wear, it makes me think of the 70s. If Black Canary wore pink leg warmers and a matching headband what would you think? Nowadays very few people wear such revealing clothing. Unless of course they are sluts or models. "
What you talkin bout, Willis?
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@Nobody said:

" If they actually sold one of the DVDs without checking ID then I see no problem banning them. "

I agree.
Though there's no evidence provided that a person associated with the Suicide Girls company did in fact sell adult material to a minor, this story seems like Missy is more concerned about making a few extra dollars or too expecting from her nudey-girl website, than being involved with what Comic-Con is supposed to be about.  Why can't they just have fun the same way as everyone else? 
I don't mean to seem so prude. But I also think products for sale at Comic-Con, should be provided to suit the main demographics requirements anyway, which would mean no sexually explicit material included. That's what Adult-Con (etcetera) is for.
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@Jake Fury said:

" Stay away from comic movies bimbo. "

Where does she get off making comparisons of herself to Jake "Darko" 
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PG-13 does not a Deadpool movie make.

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 What about Deadpool? :P

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 I didn't like the idea of the Super Hero Registration Act from the very beginning. Not until Tony was talking about his 100 point initiative near the end and what the government's other options were.
This story probably would have been more meaningful for years and years if the Cap hadn't come back. His tragedy was the ala mode for the story. And I still consider Tony Stark a huge f-ing douche.

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This is awesome! I'm all for another MIB
Now is also a good time to release a third, considering the surge of super hero, action-type movies.

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