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Ok, so my name is Jeramy and I am a 26 years old father of two. I have been in love with comics since I can remember...literally. I'm big into the "normal" stuff (X-men, Spiderman, Spawn, Marvel, DC). But I'm also into a lot of other comics (X-Files, Clerks, Nirvana).

I found this site by pure accident. You see around September 2006, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) and had to quit my job and become that stay at home daddy that I had always dreaded becoming. At first it was hare because I started to lose a lot of my friends because I did not go hang out anymore. My two best friends are not in my same state now (one is in jail and the other in Iraq) but I talked to them through correspondence and they both told me to try the internet for friends till they came back.

So here I am new to the net but really willing to learn.

As I said before I have MS and it is starting to affect my cognitive skills so if I post something that is wrong or I mess up trying to post stuff please just bare with me and tell me what I did and how I can fix it. I will not take offense I promise.

Before all of this started I used to play a RPG called HEROES UNLIMITED.

So that is where I got my super character that I am and also the powers that I use.