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I usually get super nervous. I'm usually over-occupied with myself to have expectations about the others, all I can think is whether I have met their expectations.

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I am a heterosexual man.

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@masterkungfu said:

we'll find out someday. only about 40,000 planets are said to be home to intelligent life who will find us

said by who?

The odds alone are absolutely, demonstrably in favour of it, and I for one have no doubt at all that there is.

We don't really know what are the odds. To know the odds we would have to know what is the probability for the first complex self replicating molecules to spontaneously arise from nature. For example it could be that this is so unlikely it happens on average only once in the entire universe every 10 billion years.

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@joygirl said:

The issue comes when you have a deep yearning for the opposite. A lot of cis (or "normal") people don't really understand what trans people go through because they legitimately cannot relate to identifying with a gender besides their own.

For trans people, like me, you feel sick from looking at your own self. You can't enjoy sex because you feel that "you" don't belong in the equation. You hate your clothes, your voice, your face, your life, it all feels wrong and you can see, on the other side of the fence, what feels natural to you.

It's really hard to explain to people who haven't been exposed to the concept (I've trailed and failed before), but hopefully that helps somewhat.

idk, I'm not particularly found of the way I look or sound, I would like to be muscular and yet I'm skinny. This doesn't make me think that I'm a buff dude trapped inside a skinny body. It's probably a stupid comparison, but I guess I just don't get it, which is alright, I don't have to understand everyone to respect their freedom to do with their body as they wish.

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I have a hard time understanding trans people and what it means to be a girl trapped inside a man's body (or vice versa). Am I a man inside a man's body? What does that even mean? I don't feel like a man nor like a woman (nor do I know what would that even imply) I'm just me and I have man's body. I dress the way society expects me to dress and if it was normal for guys to wear skirts and lipsticks and have a long hair then I would probably comply to all those social demands.

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No, but I share my money with anyone it the house.

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Tesla, I'm writing a master thesis about him, so he could help me a lot with that. And after that he could go develop a warp drive or something.

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@gjgp27 said:

@mortein: eat chicken and die

I plan to do both of those things in my future.