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@regiebravo said:

Where is Wenjun Chew? At the time we need him the most, he disappears into the night.

I heard, as it was told, that evil mods crucified him for telling THE TRUTH, so after only 2 days he respawned back and then transcended himself into the cloud.

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Do I have all the knowledge that I have in a real life?

If I do, I would try to come up with the better weapons for killing titans.

Biological weapons, or big ass snipers with dum-dum bullets. Once the bullet enters their weak spot it explodes.

I would also try to invent hot air balloons.

Basically I would become a scientist and technologist, who's primary focus would be to get rid of Titans.

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Deadpool's got movez

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@leo-343 said:

@d3athstroke: I don't understand this Mihawk hate :(

It's not hate. DS is not pushover no matter who is against (He earned at least that) and only feats Mihawk has are

1)His stronnest slash failed to scratch Jozu (Who Dolfamingo used as toilet seat)

2)Chased Don Krieg for a month

3)Failed to hit half dead Luffy even once

Now I know that even part 1 Luffy is leagues above Slade in every way possible (Except intelligence of course), but come on man he was barely alive at that point, had no haki nothing.

DS Absolutely murders Mihawk 1x1. Loses against every other warlord tho (Not counting Buggy)

Just to give you a prospective, this is how big the tip of this frozen iceberg was compared to the marine battleship

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@d3athstroke said:

I'm suggesting that Mihawk is slow enough to be humiliated by dying part 1 Luffy

He was toying with Luffy


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Mihawk gets shot in the face. Rest stomp.

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Kid Goku could solo

Naruto solos

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It was justifiably cruel.

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@dshipp17 said:

@mortein said:

I agree with what you wrote there, but let's try to expand this same logic to other cases

There is this county called Međimurje county with the highest gypsy population in Croatia. Around 2-3% of population are gypsies, and according to the police statistics these 2% of population are accountable for around 50% of all crimes in this county. 2 Years ago the Minister of Internal Affairs quoted these statistics and was attacked in the media for doing so.

Now I wonder.

When you are walking down the street it's good to have a healthy dose of caution regarding the unknown people that surrounds you, and it's also good to adjust, lower or increase, your caution depending on the information you have regarding the people that surrounds you. But the problem is that all you know about the people that surrounds you are their approximate age, gender, type of clothing and race. So lets say that statistically gypsy is 20 times more likely to be a robber than a white person, a male is 10 times more likely to be a robber than a female, and a person wearing a hoodie is 5 times more likely to be a robber than a person wearing a suit, am I really a sexist, ageist, racist and classist if I'm far more cautious and anxious when I'm around young male gypsies which are wearing hoodies, than when I'm around old white ladies wearing businesses suites?

And if I am, is that really a bad thing?

Sounds like the Gypsies in Croatia have a very good idea of what it is like to be African American in America. Your statistics sound unreal, but I can definitely tell that they were likely developed by criminal and racial profiling. It's like looking for crime and finding, probably by extrapolating from situations they find. What type of crimes are the Gypsies being accused of?

Yeah, gypsies are discriminated against in the entire Europe.

I'm not closely familiar with the statistics, but I would assume that theft is the most common crime, or drug trafficking .

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It's one of the best.