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Name: Ambrose Zöega

Age: 24 at time of death. Remained in hell/limbo for three years, Earth time. Has been on Earth as a ghost for two years.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 160 lbs (when alive), weightless or very nearly so in current state

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gray


Ambrose Zöega was a good-natured young man, who fell into unfortunate circumstances.

Until his junior year of high school, he was utterly average Not the brightest, but certainly no dunce. Friendly and kind. Was one of the best on the school boxing team. Didn't particularly like math, but liked blowing stuff up in chemistry.

Then he came out to his friends and family as gay. His parents didn't take the news well. They kicked him out of the house, screaming all the while about how he was an unnatural abomination. How thin has our blood gotten for family to turn on each other for imagined sins?

Fearing something like this, Ambrose had arranged for an apartment which he would share with several friends. He was able to retreat here, instead of being kicked to the streets. However, due to the monetary restraints imposed upon him by a rent (even a split one), Ambrose was forced to drop out of school. This didn't bother him unduly.

Ambrose took up a job at a video rental shop during the day, and volunteered as an EMT at night. He was the kind of guy who didn't need much more than two or three hours of sleep. And so he was happy.

(Ambrose specialized in B-horror movies; Troll 2, Phantasm, Re-Animator, Basket Case...that sort of thing).

Summers, he worked as a camp councilor. He was really good with kids, they loved him.

His goal in life: Save up enough to get some sort of real medical job. He knew he could never handle med school, but maybe he could train to become a nurse, or a paid paramedic.

At some point, the video store shut down (the age of digital viewing had arrived, and rentals had become obsolete). Ambrose was allowed to take his favorite movies home. He had the bag of DVDs slung over his shoulder as he walked towards his apartment. He'd finally be able to make his roommates watch the films. Thinking that the bag was full of things more valuable than old DVDs, two thugs jumped Ambrose. Falling back on his boxing skills, Ambrose was able to defend himself, suffering from little more than a few scratches.

This is when he realized he needed to take up a mantle and fight crime, right? Maybe as the Rainbow Avenger, or something inane like that.

Not at all.

One of the thugs drew a gun, and leveled it at Ambrose. So he died now, right?

Not at all.

Something happened to him then. His body reconfigured into that of a monstrous cat. So he tore the thugs apart, right?

Not at all.

Frightened and confused, he began to run. Disoriented as he was, instead of fleeing to safety, he ended up in the middle of the street. A truck slammed into him, and were-cat or no, that was it. They found his mangled (human) body almost fifty feet away from the site of the collision.

There was no funeral, he was buried without ceremony. None of his family came.

R.I.P Ambrose Zöega.

Bargains Made

What happened before, and what happens now, can only be understood properly with an explanation of what happened hundreds of years ago. Anton's ancestral family was part of a blood feud in some small village or other. While the quarrels, and the names, have been lost, the bargain was not. One of Anton's forefathers sold the souls of his entire family - present and future - in return for mystical abilities. Thus the were-cat. Not invulnerability though...tough luck Ambrose.

But let's get back to the present: Ambrose, thanks to a miserable deal in ancient history, ended up in hell, or limbo, or something of the sort. Three years passed Earth-time; limbo has its own time, a slow time, ghost time. It does not do to describe these places, best not to speak of them.

But while there, Ambrose encountered several magicians considerably more apt than his great-great-great-etc grandfather. Having nothing better to do, they showed him their tricks (as best they could in the dreadful, sapping realms). In return, he recounted movie plots. One never knows what kind of barter will suffice.

Those were two bargains (one for souls, two for spells), but three is the magic number.

Our setting: A morgue. Antiseptic steel, but tarnished now with candle wax. Three stupid kids and a stolen Ouija board, and one of them has enough innate talent for it to actually WORK. They summon a spirit though their planchette, a spirit who would be banished back to the ethereal realms at will but...one got scared and knocked over the candles.

And Ambrose was free.

He's heEEEEeeere

Thus began the un-death of Ambrose Zöega: Poltergeist. His story is still being told, though the grave is long cold.

Powers and Abilities

Ambrose has all the classic poltergeistal powers: Phasing, possession, telekinesis, ectoplasmic generation, etc. These skills vary in power depending entirely on the emotional residue of an area. Places with high emotional residue or frequency allow for high degrees of power (for example: At a place like a mass grave, Ambrose would be able to lift a city block). This works the same way when Ambrose is in proximity to a living person experiencing strong emotions. However, the more emotionally charged a place is, the less control Ambrose has. Leylines and magnetic forces are also places of influence.

He may posses living or dead (or inorganic) people. When in a corpse, he feels no pain, but his power is limited. When possessing a human, he shares their nervous system, so he can be wounded. He can draw upon their muscle memory to use skills they know (ex, fighting). He can slightly alter inorganic matter that he's in (ex, giving a toy shark real teeth).

Ambrose has a fairly broad knowledge of Blood Magic, the use of a sacrifice or some sort to perform a summoning. Generally blood magic is powerful, but destructive (rarely curative or ambivalent to the surrounding area or organisms). He can summon hellfire for no magical cost. He is also able to use basic runic magic (more 'toolbox' variety spells).

Ambrose is able to turn his spirit-self into a giant cat. He can transform the body he's in, but this instantly kills any living host, so it's not ideal.

Ambrose is also quite proficient at boxing.


In which Ambrose is able to draw upon the souls and powers of the 'friends' he made in Hell. This has severe repercussions to him, the spirit world, and the mortal plane, but it gives him a massive spooky power boost.


As mentioned earlier, extreme emotional resonance can cause loss of control. As a spectral being, Mortality can be contained or hurt by cold iron and silver. As a damned being, religious symbols have the same effect, though they cause strange things to happen with his powers.

As a magical creature, Mortality is highly influenced by ley lines, places of power, cosmic alignment, or places of high emotion (eg, mass graves).

He can be forcefully summoned by a properly done séance, or made to write with a planchette. He is highly vulnerable to magic other than his own.