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He could do something similar to what he did with Daredevil in Contest of Champions 2. Pretending to have an infant hostage(a doll in the kids place) then throwing it so that the heroic character can "save" it and then ambush the hero with a gun. Of course, Spidey's Spider-sense would have made this impossible, but something in those lines.  
What really caught my attention was the severe injuries Spider-man caused Deadpool. Except for major villains, I've never seen Spider-man smack someone like that... Deadpool can take some bumps but when it is from Spider-man it seems a bit... misplaced.  
And No matter how "heroic" Deadpool tries to be he always pulls his gun.
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I'm not entirely sure... not in a "fist fight" but I think that Deadpool could have taken out Spidey with his regular arsenal. Deadpool's insane. Multiplise that by handgranades and the result equals a whole lotta' fun.
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But, don't you think Spidey's going a bit too far. He's a good-guy. Would The Amazing Spider-man really break neck's, kick another guy where.... guy's prefer not to be kicked and knock out people's jaws while their down for the count? I really think something's up with Spidey.... Maybe Deadpool has started to see Bea Arthur material in Aunt May... 
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Okay, WHAT THE FRAG!?!?  
PS. Spoiler...
So I just went in to check on Deadpool Bugle where i find this sneak peak on "Deadpool #19". I check it out and I face this:   
Does anyone have any thoughts on what might have happened to Spidey? In the beginning I didn't believe it and tried to convince myself there had been a laundry swap or something, but Deadpool can't give Spidey that much whoopin'. He is just a too popular character for that to happen.  
And Deadpool has skills... He's given Spidey a hard time before. Sure he could hold back in order to keep up with his new "Hero" image but... It looks like Spidey destroys 'Pool's jaw...

Any thoughts? 
This is killing me! Seriously... I can't focus on my machete juggling anymore... And Machetes are sharp!

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I just hope they use a "good" version of Deadpool(I would prefer the original Deadpool ongoing series version), Leave the head voices out, Leave Cable out(Too early), Doesn't make him look like too much of an jerk and adds a couple of well known Deadpool characters (for instance: Blind Al & Deuce or Weasel).  
Ooh, and I've been dying to see RANDOM superhero cameos. That would probably fit right into the universe they are aiming at. Deadpool can't be the only guy in a costume, so how about putting a news report showing Spider-man in the background. 
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YES, YES, YES, WOHOO! That just made my day!!! ( :D  

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I'd  ask if I could be his new sidekick. Yeah sure, I wouldn't live to be very much older, but think about the awesomeness!
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I live in Norway(The Cold, Scandinavian one).... Marvel ultimate alliance 2 European release date: 25th september.... My opinion to different release dates set by location: NYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

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Yeah. I remember him saying to Black Tom that it wasn't about him taking his hand but rather the principle.
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OMG!!! I just saw the 6 page preview of Deadpool15!!!! Talk about freak coincidence! Only 32 minutes after I put up the last post!!!