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I like Becky's art style, but it feels too light-hearted for Batman. I'd have to see how she draws the dark knight before I could make a complete judgement, but I would definitely like to see her art elsewhere.

EDIT: Seeing some of the artwork the other posters showed (especially the Conan panel) of Becky, I'm confident this issue will be fantastic.

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After much deliberation, I decided to buy both Gotham Central and No Man's Land volume ones at the same time and decide which one to pursue first from there. Thanks for the opinions guys!

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Video of the week... bro.

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I want to invest in a really good batman story/series. I've read that both GC and NML are about 4 and 5 trade paperbacks long respectively and both look pretty interesting. What series should I invest in first? Or is there a difference series you recommend?

Just fyi, some batman stuff I already know of and have or purchasing in the next month or two:

  • Batman and Son, Batman The Black Glove, Batman RIP and Final Crisis
  • Long Halloween, Dark Victory and Haunted Knight
  • Broken City and Hush
  • Arkham Asylum
  • The Black Mirror and Earth One
  • Year One and Batman Vampire

Thanks for any recommendations!

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I much prefer Batman. One of the biggest reasons for me, is when the story centers around a really good mystery or "whodunnit" such as Brian Azzarello's Broken City story arc. I love the intrigue :)

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@TheOptimist: Thanks for the help in understanding. It does make me want to wait on reading these books until after I've gotten most of the tie-in issues that I've wanted to purchase.

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I had finished reading Batman #8 and Nightwing #8 and was very excited to start Detective Comics #9. I was horribly confused as to what was going on. We left off with Batman fighting the Court in his own home. Then all of a sudden he's at arkham? Huh? What happened? I read some user reviews for DC9, since I was sure someone else would have a better idea of what's going on than me. According to other Comic Vine users, DC9 takes place after Batman #9... What? Why? Detective Comics comes out first before Batman 9 so why would the story take place after B9? I think this really highlights the fact that there is too many main Batman books.

They had no idea what to do with Detective Comics so they wrote in the future basically spoiling Batman 9. I mean we all know Batman will find a way to make things work out but we don't want to know that for sure before we read the issue!

I'm new to comics (got into it when New 52 happened) so this is my first crossover. Does this happen all the time with crossovers? Or is this one just poorly planned due to there being way too many books for one single character?

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@Gambit1024 said:

  • Hulk was the Hulk we've wanted on screen in a big bad way. He wasn't stupid, he wasn't annoying, he was the freaking Hulk. And Mark Ruffalo played Bruce Banner extremely well. Much better than Norton or Bixby. When he said "That's my secret... I'm always angry," before turning into Hulk willingly, I almost lost it. Furthermore, the best scene in the film hands down was when Hulk tossed Loki like a ragdoll and said "Puny god." Oh, and he punched Thor. That was the funniest thing ever, lol.

That was hands down my favorite parts. I've always been a Hulk fan so I was dying of laughter on those two parts. :D

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I am in agreement with everyone that I don't like the art either. Very bland and hulk just looks like a green badass normal instead of a raging monster...

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Batman - 13

Aquaman - 14

Action Comics - 10

Green Lantern - 10

The Flash - 11

Animal Man - 8

Swamp Thing - 11 (+1)

Justice League - 9

Wonder Woman - 10

Teen Titans - 9

Batman and Robin - 10

Nightwing - 11

Batwoman - 10

Justice League Dark - 9

Stormwatch - 6

Red Hood and the Outlaws - 9 (-1)

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